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Ride 8/1/2009 Corvallis-Florence-Waldport-Alsea-Corvallis

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by Osufireman, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. Soooooo, I was trying to think of a fun looking ride to throw out there for everyone. Since I've never been past Triangle Lake, nor past Alsea, nor south of Newport I came up with this one:mrgreen:

    Here's the map, just drew it up today.

    We'll meet up at Creekside coffee at 9am-10am, kickstands up at 10am. Cruise down Bellfountain and take a short break in Cheshire at the Dari-Mart, just to make sure the group is comfortable with the pace, etc. Then cruise to Florence but go past Triangle Lake on the way.

    We'll stop for lunch in Florence (location TBD) and take a break. Then make our way up to Waldport. Make a stop in Waldport if we want to, see what there is to see (I've never been there) and then head out back to Corvallis via HWY 34, passing through Alsea. I have the map drawn out finishing back to Corvallis via hwy34, but I'll probably take Decker Rd. just for some fun at the end of the trip, but if others want to keep going on hwy 34 that's okie dokie.

    I've been thinking of going on a pretty adventerous ride all summer and this got my attention:w00t:

    Sooooo, mark your calendars, Saturday August 1st!!!:mfclap: I'll need some ideas for lunch places in Florence so let's throw em at the wall and see what sticks.
  2. Sounds a lot like this ride, only in reverse. It is a fun ride to be sure.

  3. huh, that's funny, I don't think I ever even looked at that ride route when it was up, I had to work that day :angry7: But yeah it should be fun I think. Kind of twighlight zone creepy that I came up with the same thing, only in reverse, without even looking at the previous route.
  4. If I'm around I'd be up for the ride.
  5. Have done that route, very nice.
    Cape Perpetua is a nice place to stop - good ride up, great views.
    I don't know Florence but there are some decent places to eat in Yachats.
    I've been meaning to check out Lobster Valley Rd from Alsea then 5 Rivers Rd to the Yachats/Perpetua area (NFD55, looks like) - anyone done this?
  6. I saw those roads, looked really interesting to me. I just wan't sure if they were paved or not, didn't want to get mixed up on a long gravel road. Doug (R1 Jackal) might know, he lives out near Alsea.

  7. Somewhere I have a ride report about that ride. There are 15, yes I counted, sections of gravel. Most are less than 100 feet and none are 1/4 mile in length. That is if you stay on the route, get off it and you can expect to find a gravel road or two.

    If anyone is interested I could lead a ride that goes from Corvallis to Cape Perpetua without touching a highway. Most of the road is two lane back roads with 1/4 - 1/3 of it single lane asphalt. I describe my first attempt at it, at least it is the first attempt in a few years, on the 3/27 ride thread. I got a bit lost on the way over but came back the correct way. Since then I've done it a couple of times.
  8. I think that you are thinking of this route (see link). I've been from Alsea to Fisher on these roads, they were paved and clean. But haven't gone all the way to Cape Perpetua. I may take a ride this week to check it out; I also have phone calls out to locals to see if they know. Either way I'm in for the August 1st ride; maybe I'll see Triangle Lake this time. crackup:
  9. The turn you want is just before the covered bridge, you turn right onto Buck Creek and then veer to the left/uphill side. When you get to the top there will be a road going off to the right, you can tell if you are in the right spot because there will be an old grave site on one of the L. I believe the road changes numbers here as well, I will go and look it up and post road numbers.

    There is nothing on this road that I wouldn't take your bike on:devil:

    I think I'm going camping again this weekend, yep on the bike:mfclap:, but thursday:scratchea

    I just looked closer at your map and I'm not sure it is what I would take. According to my map your route has a gravel section, but my map is a few years old so I'm not sure. I do know for sure about the route below.

    I take 37 to 58 to 55.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
  10. Well, your bike is blue. crackup:
  11. Count me in!! :mfclap:

    Let me know if you want a tag-along this week. Gravel don't scare me or my Hyper.
  12. I will be there. Some one has to make sure Doug doesnt baby it through the corners. Plus I hear blue goes faster when its chasing red.
  13. Gravel BAD, pavement GOOD.
  14. I'm going to talk with a local friend tonight about the road. I'm planning to make a scouting run Thursday or Friday night and will post which evening later tonight. If anyone wants to tag along that would be great; I can leave earlier in the afternoon, but if fellow riders have to work through to 5pm that's ok too.
  15. Enough said!
  16. So, after some discussin I'm going to change the route slightly. On the way back on hwy 34 we'll peel off at 5 Rivers and take Lobster Valley Rd. and go past Alsea Falls and then back to Corvallis (Thanks for the suggestion Doug :thumbup:)

    After the scouting run, if it's all pavement and the road checks out ok, I think we should go up from Cape Perpetua Area up to Lobster Valley Rd.
    Here's an updated route map for now, we'll see about modifying it :ninja:
  17. I was on those roads in the last couple of months, see my previous post about the conditions. Only difference could be a little more tree litter on the roads from the wind.
  18. :scared:scared oh jeeze. I don't think I could get up into the areas that you got to with those pictures 10guy. Maybe I should get some nobby tires so I can do some offroading with the ZX6:ninja:
  19. It's been a year or so for me but the last time I was on the Alsea Falls road that comes out at Alpine, it was in pretty good shape. I think that would be a better way back than taking 34 the rest of the way...unless you think you'll be getting tired by that time.
  20. That was the plan :mrgreen: I went up to Alsea Falls a couple months back and the road was in good shape, not too much debris. Just had my smoke visor on and when nightfall hit I couldn't see anything.

    Are you going Tweezak?? Sounds like if you haven't been past the falls in a year that you need to go again!
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