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Ride friday 8/3

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Bellevuef4i, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Planning on going for a ride with some friends around 2 or 3 on Friday. The ride will start in the Renton area. We may hit some twisties up north. Open to route suggestions. Let me know if you're in and we can pick a meeting point.
  2. If I miss RPIDucs ride, I am interested.
    Looking for a different ride though, so I dont want to suggest anything Ive done.


  3. my buddy has some twisty loop around a lake mapped out, that is a tentative plan. And yes definitely spirited.
  4. Hey Guys my name is Miriah, I live in Marysville wanting to find some one to ride with. don't know all the best spots like you guys but I would love to tag along.

    Thank you
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  5. I might be in with my brother on this if you can make the meeting time around 4, so he has time to get off work. Let me know.
  6. None of you know me but I would like to tag along on this trip. I'll be coming from Edmonds.
  7. Dizzy it really all depends on route. Don't want to be stuck in rush hour and would like to be packing it in by the time it's dark. Do you have a suggestion as far as route that wont get us stuck in traffic? Needs to have some twisties
  8. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?


    Make it 6pm and I'd be in.

    I hear high bridge is tits to ride right now.
  9. Yeah definitely not hitting highbridge lol
  10. If you're coming from edmonds, you could tag along down to the U-District with me to meet my brother and then head out from there with us?

    I know a pretty nice loop that runs up and around snoqualmie falls. Has some decent twisties, and shouldn't get us stuck in traffic. Let me know if that sounds good.

    I'll know in the morning if my brother is gonna be in for this.
  11. Is it the one that twists all uphill on a heavily wooded road? And ends where it straightens out I to a small town?
  12. that's one part of it. yeah. It starts in issaquah, takes a few curvy back roads to 18. Takes 18 up to the falls. Comes down the other side. And puts you out right back where you started. Just a big circular loop.
  13. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    I hope you've set aside almost 6 hours to do the loop if dizzy is leading.
  14. LOL Dizzle........ FUCK YOU!!

    I've actually gotten alot better. Not as slow anymore. More comfortable.
  15. New to the area. Where is U-district?
  16. exit 169 on I-5. If you catch I-5 at 220th st (near reddragon casino) it's about 15 minutes away, headed south.
  17. How much of it is twisties you can rail?. I'm hoping to do a lot more spirited riding then slabbing
  18. Honestly.......... I can't "rail" real well. My brother (crashbandicoot) and Daniel (DanielE36) could probably tell you if they are the types of roads you could rail on. We did the loop on Daniel's birthday and Alex and my brother were upset cause they kept finding traffic (even though it was SATURDAY MORNING) so if my brother can rail them, I'm pretty sure you could too. I'll see if I can find a map, and figure out how to highlight the route.
  19. That would be awesome thanks
  20. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    All this blah blah blah.

    Wait for me to go. I wanna go bitches. I'll even bring my slow ass beat up 600!
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