Ride Friday August 3

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by LilNinjaLVR, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Meet at BG Chevron 1100. Pace is just fun...no insanity please! Maybe not super noob friendly but if you wanna come we can adjust. Probably to Ranger station or further depending on mood.

    16 NW 13th Avenue, Battle Ground WA

    KSU 1130
  2. I may be able to make it if its still going on don't see much action lmk
  3. I'm going with or without others cuz I NEED to ride for my health! Just thought it'd be nice to ride with somebody else.
  4. I'll go :)

    Not sure where the BG chevron is though.
  5. When you get to main street turn left. It will be on your right after a block or two. Or if you come from i-5 and take 502 it will be on your left.
  6. I wish I could come. I'm goin to a friggin wedding in Seattle :(
  7. Right near the BG SBUX close the the Fred Meyers. Jen is off work tomorrow too, take her along.
  8. Aww man I work or I be soo down ..plus side is getting new front tire on tomarrow!! :)
  9. Deven

    Deven Dee-von White

    will be stuck at work! have fun
  10. Jaucelyn we'll moto Monday fosho
  11. Ranger station. Near cougar?
  12. Well too bad i wabted to ride but im working on my computers!
  13. I may be able to meet and go up with you.
  14. Yes!
  15. Maybe i can meet you at the ranger station. Are you going back same way?503 or backroads?
  16. 503 cuz uphill is always better! : )
  17. Cop on 503 to amboy
  18. Great ride! It was awesome to meet another girl without testosterone-induced over-the-skills riding style! I'll pm my #! Thanks for coming!
  19. Sadly work called me in 5 hours early :-( I don't think I could ride too far in 30 mintues, glad the ride went well!
  20. [​IMG]

    Lots of fun! Can't wait to ride with you again!
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