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Ride on Saturday 8/15

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by ducatichick, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. With fresh asphalt on the road, the possibility of excess oil and fine gravel may be present, the pace should be slower.
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  2. how many miles we talkin here ?
  3. about 300 mi
  4. ahh to far for me crackup: ill just ride around town here
  5. The pace is anything you choose. Of course that goes for any ride, stops are made often to keep the group more or less together. Any ride that has more than 4 or 5 riders will break down into two groups, that is the way it should be.

    If you or anyone want to go on any of these rides, I will personally offer to either ride sweep or lead the second group. I don't have to ride fast, just ask Brad. I rode with them last weekend and even though I led on the way home it was at a more sane pace. No one gets behind the sweep so no one gets left behind. In fact almost every ride I take at least one turn at sweep.
  6. What a guy! You got my vote for president …:mrgreen:
  7. R1 Jackal and I bounced some ideas around and here's what we came up with for a counter-clockwise loop:

    Gas in Oakridge, gas again + food in Sisters.

    10guy, you know of any good NFD roads (paved of course :roll:) in the area?

    Any other suggestions, anyone, anyone?
  8. That looks like a good route to me. Most of the forest service roads in that area are going to be gravel, besides you are hitting most of the fun roads as it is.

    Not sure if you can make it to Sisters from Oakridge, if not there is a gas station in Rainbow (just before McKenzie Bridge).

    Not sure if I'll be able to make this ride, I hope so but may have other things to do. I'll know later in the week.
  9. Man, this sure sounds like fun, but Saturday is my wife's birthday and she'd kill me if I made external plans :eek:hhthedr: I hope you guys have a blast, and make sure you take plenty of pics!

  10. Can we meet you guys at Dairy Queen in Pleasant Hill? Then we would turn south at Sweet Home, Definate maybe:tard: Sounds like a great ride!!
  11. Ducatichick, when and where are we starting is little ride? :tard:
  12. about we meet at Creekside with the usual crowd, and shoot for kickstands up between 9:30-10:00?
  13. That's all well and good, but if the pace is as quick as the one after this month's bike night, I'll have to pass. I already know I'm slow -- I don't care to hold anyone up or make anyone wait.

  14. According to the route we won't be going through Pleasant Hill and will instead hit 58 at Lowell. I'm pretty sure you can meet up with the group there. And then you can ride to Crawsfordsville and you can turn south there on Marcola/Brush Creek Rd.

    Actually DC will need to confirm this, it is her ride and I'm not quite sure I can go on it yet.
  15. FreeRadical wants to ride sweep - I think you were ahead of him during the last bike night ride. He's going to his first track day on 8/17 so he may not want to ride sweep for long crackup:

    Besides...we were all "new" at one time, and other people had to wait for us...all part of the sport. We'd rather wait for you than have you not ride with us, or worse crash because you're trying to keep up. Hope you'll come along!

    Oh, and you weren't but a few minutes behind us at Bend Euro Moto on Saturday in your cage - how fast were YOU going?? :shock:

  16. Don't look at it that way. There are always a sport bike or two and they need to take frequent breaks anyway:nana , and then I hear that we have a bike among us that can't seem to pass a fueling stationcrackup: . And old guys have to stop to visit the bushes with alarming frequency:shock:. Never, well maybe a time or two, have I felt that someone is holding me up and I've rode with some painfully slow guys before.

    The good thing about going on these rides is that by riding with others you will learn how to ride better and maybe even a bit faster. By listening to what they say and then following them and watching their lines and lane position a person can really improve their own skills. It is a lot easier and better to learn this way, on your own it would take a very long time to learn a skill that you could master in just one day. Just ask one of the better riders for some tips, I'm sure that someone will be willing to help.

    And if I'm one of those in the trailing group then they are waiting for me and I really couldn't care less if I hold anyone up:thefinge: , so that is one way to deal with that. And if it is not me then there will be someone else reliable to ride sweep.

    One thing that is nice though is to be able to gear up quick enough that the group isn't waiting at every stop, ask DC about our last coastal trip:secret:.
  17. Ok, ok, you're both plenty convincing! :) And I need more miles this month if I'm going to have a prayer of placing top 5 in my witw chapter this year. A 300 miler sounds just about right!
  18. hey, this isn't my ride, it's a group ride! I've never been on the roads on that part of the route so I don't have any idea where to meet up. We could call you when we're leaving Corvallis. Anyone else have suggestions?