Ride on Thursday 9-6

Discussion in 'Yakima' started by JaredWilske6185, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Seeing if there's any interest in going for a ride Thursday morning/afternoon. Probably around 10-11:00ish. Thinking about riding either up to Packwood or to the top of chinook pass.
  2. Nobody else interested in going?
  3. I dont wanna sound like a broken record...however most people have a m-f job I dont and I know you dont however setting up rides for more than yourself togo is easier on weekends...however with that said I like how you are planning them :) If I could go I would but dont beat yourself up if you get a measly turnout on the week days before 5 or 6 :) keep them coming :)
  4. Meh, I just post up and if people don't want to go then they don't have to.
  5. Wish I could Bro.
  6. Stuck at work until 4, you working this weekend?
  7. Ya I gotta work this whole weekend.
  8. if you plan these out a litle further maybe i can schedule round
  9. Umph

    Are you working tonight? Is that why you said afternoons? If not I'm not doing anything at like 6.
  10. howd it go?? BTW went to start my bike this morning....no juice I left the key on Doh!
  11. nobowl

    Strope, I have a battery charger and a new spare battery. (It fit my 749 and should fit your bike too.) You're welcome to either if you need it. I don't think a battery tender will work on a dead battery.
  12. Actually all battery tenders are chargers also. It's a common misconception that they are only maintainters.
  13. Lol I hav a batt charger but must be broke cause it didn't charge so I'll buy a new one thank you!! However my bike just went to the shop do Gould be good. Dave if you don't use your charger tho I'll buy it from you :)
  14. nobowl

    Sorry, not for sale. It charges at 6 amps, battery tender only charges at 0.75 amps. Plus my battery tender says it won't charge if the battery is below 11 volts, so it comes in handy.

    When will you get your bike back?
  15. IDK will prolly get an update tomm...should be long . The longest part will be waiting on parts...
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