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ride share to ORP aug 18-19

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by soggydoo, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Im passing thru Portland Aug 17th on the way to MotoFit's ORP weekend....I have room for 2 more bikes and riders....toyhauler has all the cool thingsTV, AC, shower, and 8k watt generator.

    contact me if yiou need transport.

    Also if your there come by and checkout all the MOTO-D products like tire warmers, stands, undersuits.
  2. you guys are really going to make me ride up alone?

  3. Soggy. Lizard and I would jump on this but we already have transport and lodging covered. Hope you find someone. There are usually people looking for rides on here.
  4. I would ride with you but you are coming from the wrong direction. Are you heading to the Ridge on Monday?
  5. no worries Im going regardless just trying to remove excuses for anyone on the fence.

    No ridge for me this month , but going to T Hill on Sep 24th with PTT
  6. I'll be working a corner for the first time on Saturday. You guys better put on a good show. :)
  7. Still got room? I'm tryin to make this happen. These would be my first two track days
  8. Still have room ...PM sent .....spooning not required but appreciated .....BTW just downloaded a ton of racing video, one is the on board feed from the Laguna Seca that get me some spooning!
  9. Beds? I'd love a bed and shower Fri/Sat night....Perhaps something can be arranged? I'm coming from Seattle otherwise I would certainly hook up with you.
  10. PM inbound
  11. looks like ol ralphy boy is going to have some spooning options!
  12. No Ridge on Monday?
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