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Ride Sunday 7/29 to Detroit and Sweet Home

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by SpeedGeek, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Meet time: 9:30
    Leave: 10:00 sharp
    Location: 76 station on HWY 213. & Clackamas River Dr in Oregon City
    Pace will be moderate, but this isn't a "newby friendly" ride due to the route and roads. By moderate, I mean we will be riding brisk in the corners and cruising the straights not track day pace, but still fun. We won't leave anyone behind.
    This is a 320 mile ride so plan for all day.
  2. This address?
    13001 Clackamas River Dr
    Oregon City, OR 97045

  3. That be it!
  4. I will be there but may only go halfway.
  5. lena

    lena Staff Member

    Just did that today. Did you say mellow? :nana
  6. im out.
    had a rough night with little sleep.
  7. I rode to Detroit - Breakfast - Home on Sunday. Left at 7:15 Am, but no matter how hard I rode i could not catch you guys. There was little traffic, I think because of the clouds people stayed home. It was nice once you got past Estacada. How was the added run over to Sweet Home?[​IMG][/IMG]
  8. anybody find a video camera along the way... crackup:

  9. Don't try to catch the white Busa. I'm speaking from experience if you know what I'm sayin
  10. Tell us more Crippy lol
    R6jon said SpeedGeek was fast. That's all I need to know.
  11. We had a mellow ride. M-E-L-L-O-W 8)
    We only went to Detroit, had lunch, then turned and rode back. None of felt up to the extra miles of continuing to Sweet Home and back.

    It was a beautiful day, great ride, and no incidents. Didn't find any video this trip, but I hear there was a video found on Saturday's ride to Windy Ridge :ninja:
  12. Busas are only fast if there is a Starbucks down the road (or the daughter on the back has to pee) :evil4:
  13. In pictures I recognize Busa's easily from the front, however out on the road I usually recognize them from the rear.
  14. Good thing I went with to Windy Ridge. Freaking nice there.

  15. It hasn't been posted yet.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2012
  16. Somebody keep me posted. I love to watch this stuff!
  17. Speedgeek fast? hmmm:nana, lol.:thefinge:

    I found camera on the way up to windy ridge saturday, it looks like I might to save some footage off of it. ill try and post it if i can.
  18. Your comment made no damn sense. And here I thought I was the "foreigner" of the group. crackup:
  19. an asian correcting grammer.... classic. :mrgreen:


  20. Can anyone share the "planned, but unridden" route from Detroit to Sweet Home ?, that looks like it could be an interesting addition to a ride sometime (presuming its not 22 and 20) Also is there a sport bike worthy road further south connecting to the Aufderheide ?
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