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ride Sunday July 29

Discussion in 'Medford Region' started by soggydoo, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Early ride to be home in time for beers and MotoGP

    8:45 at the Dutch Bros across from the RVM

    9am departure

  2. do it you know you want to :thefinge:
  3. Nothing but love for the Americans, but my money is on Pedrosa.
  4. Your money should be on bringing that pretty lil RSV4 out to play.
  5. I try to make posted rides as much as I can, but my lil bike plays every other day...go Pedrosa!
  6. duchntr

    duchntr Repsol Warrior

    Hey Soggy, sounds like fun I'll try to make it!
  7. what a great ride .... the best part is the chatting .....
  8. sounds like you needed sleep more then a time
  9. duchntr

    duchntr Repsol Warrior

    It was a good ride, thanks. :mfclap:
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