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ride to deception pass 10/7

Discussion in 'Westside' started by badcomebackguy, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Soccerking is bored and he's never been to deception pass so we figured why not, who's in?

  2. I've never been either, what time you guys heading out? The blue skies are taunting me as I sit here and do schoolwork. :x
  3. Well seems no one else wants to go. So we can meet

    10 am
    Safeway in frontier village
    Lake Stevens
  4. Ha, fine by me. When it comes to riding I am not a fan of "the more the merrier." Seems like a lot of people are heading to Mt. St. Helens tomorrow, so going North sounds good to me. See ya tomorrow @ 10.
  5. Sounds like fun to me, I am down to enjoy a sunny Sunday up at Deception Pass if you guys got room for another 8)
  6. Always room for another cbr brotha!
  7. I hate crowds too; I hope one more isn't too many! :mrgreen:
  8. Well, there's a lot of time between now and tomorrow morning...but if everyone shows, a green Ninja 250 may go M.I.A., hahaha. In reality...I'm pretty slow so I can just be my own group in the waaaay back. :)
  9. She's not joking......:ninja:
  10. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator Staff Member

    She's even slower than you and your Ruckus? :nana
  11. Hard to believe I know.....crackup:
  12. I have my slow moments too.

    One little inquiry, I don't know many good roads and I looked on google maps for the way there, I was discussing with soccerking and asked if he was cool with going hwy 9 or i-5 up to hwy 20 and take that west to deception pass. If anyones got any alternative routes please let me know
  13. I always take the back roads around whidby island when going up... but that would mean taking the mukulteo ferry.......
  14. Yea I prefer the back roads too but I was trying to avoid the ferry
  15. If you look at the link I posted to a map, it takes back roads somewhat along Puget sound from Marysville up through la Conner before hitting 20
  16. Meh.... what $4???

    Anyhoo.... make sure y'all head up to Mt. Erie when you're out there....
  17. so is it the route y'all going?
    interested in the ride tomorrow )
  18. I like drsparke's route, I'm game. But your gonna have to take lead, I don't know that area. Everyone else game?
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