Rider Down 8-10-12

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  1. 152nd and 122nd in Puyallup. Runaway truck came down the hill from the church toward the school and crushed the rider killing him almost instantly.
  2. OMG!!Thats terrible.Prayers go out to the family
  3. R.I.P
    Why does that stuff have to happen to riders?
  4. Thats some final destination stuff right there. I take that route often, and why a bike? What are the chances. Really sorry to hear such thing happening.
  5. wow thats unfortunate. i never thought something like that would happen to someone! RIP
  6. That is terrible! I hate hearing about Riders going down, but getting done in by a runaway truck? That's just awful, wrong place, wrong time...

    My sincerest condolences to the family and friends. May he rest in peace.
  7. That's what I was thinking when I heard about this. Man......RIP rider!
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    My condolences to their family.

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