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Rider Down Monday eve/Tenino

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by monique, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Just read it in the Olympian.
    Chris Hanson, 30, from Yelm--is he on here? Airlifted to Harborview.
    2004 GSXR600, into a ditch at Offut Lk and Marshall about 8pm last night.
    Hubby and I heard the sirens but that's all.

  2. 100% preventable to. Alcohol (at any level) and bikes don't mix.
  3. Heard the sirens as well! Was wondering what had happened.

  4. What does it take for the investigators to "believe" alcohol was a factor???

    I really think it shouldn't be in the paper if it's speculation... it should read "he blew a .09" or "toxicology report has not yet been performed".

    I was in a motorcycle accident years ago and it would be easy to assume alcohol was a factor (since it was about 2am) but I was involved in a hit and run... I willingly blew a 0.00000000000 before I was ran to the hospital. I would be mad as hell if I didn't have time for a breathalyser and the paper reported some speculation as to me being drunk.
  5. I agree. There seems to be a lot of speculation these days.
  6. Either they said Yes evidence point to alcohol being a factor or you dont report it it.
  7. Another dumb fuck on a motorcycle :angry7: I never want to see a rider go down. :tard: But what are you expecting. The liquor to make you go faster. Thats what stickers are for. lol...
  8. He lay his baby down, on the Offet Lake rd?
  9. Offut Lk and Marshall.

    It seems that when alcohol and/or speed is a factor, there is an article. Some years ago, the Reaper went down and there was no alcohol whatsoever--and no article.
  10. ....

    F***king newspapers.
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