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Rider Down.

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Chrishil54, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Dexter is a dangerous road. Between the cyclists, the busses, the parallel parking for the shops, and all the crossroads that are steep hills, I'm surprised there aren't more accidents there. I occasionally take that to visit my optometrist, or meet someone on top of Queen Anne, and I'm always super cautious.

    Heal up, rider.

  2. I live right there and take Dexter on a daily basis. I knew there was a big accident cause they put pup roadblocks but I had no idea it was a rider.

    Whoever you are, I hope you get better soon. May the force be with you.
  3. "Three women from the Mazda were taken to Harborview with minor injuries."

    Seriously? What possible injuries could they have sustained? Did they break a nail?

    Hope the rider is okay. :/
  4. The Mazda probably took a left turn without seeing the motorcycle.
    I was almost clipped by a Suburban earlier today on I5, fortunately they heard my horn and desperately waved an apology so no hard feelings.

    Fucking SMIDSY.
  5. No need to be a dick. A motorcycle/car collision is going to cause damage for both. The occupants of the car stand to be injured from broken glass, impacting the bike, impacting something inside the car, flying debris, airbag deployment, etc, etc.
  6. +1
  7. I hope that everyone has a speedy recovery, no matter who was wrong and what the injuries are.
  8. Exactly. Just cause the biker is smaller doesn't mean he/she can't do damage. I'm pretty sure the front of the car that hit me Friday looked pretty dinged up. I'm pretty sure I'm worse off though, heh.
  9. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    damn, that's a block away from my office. I commute to work on the bike quite often, i'm always cautious of the idiots that roam Dexter, along with the construction workers.

    Speedy recovery to whoever it was!
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