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Riding and Superstition?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Pointman, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. As long as people have been riding motorcycles there have been certain superstitions to keep you safe and alive while riding.

    In this modern era some are still here....i.e. Ride Bells, Green Motorcycles, Lucky Jewelery, Previously Worn Socks, Scarfs, Shirts that people had on when they narrowly escaped a wreck...etc.

    What's that "thing you do" or habit to prepare for a ride to insure your good fortune?

    Mine is I always wear my dog tags and battle axe pendant I bought years ago for good luck.

    What's your "thing?" :devil:

  2. Crazy! I wear dog tags too! My brother is a really good driver so a while ago i bought some dog tags from his squadron in the air force. he doesn't ride with me anymore because hes states away but he taught me everything i know and i like to think that when im riding hes in my ear telling me what to do and giving me advice like he used to before he joined the air force and left me going solo. lol.
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  3. My hubby gave me a Saint Christopher medallion necklace when I started riding.....I never take it off.:mrgreen:

    I always put my right boot and right glove on first......dunno why, but I do.:tard:

    No tickets...**knocks on wood**, hee hee.:mfclap:
  4. My friend and I each traded our broken shifter pegs. We've been good so far. But my personal "thing" is just remembering the pain that slamming onto the road brings.
  5. if conditions are less than ideal i'll say a hail mary before saddling up.

    i have always carried a rosary with me while riding, and one of these days i'm gonna get a St. Chris medal and wrap it around my top triple clamp. i keep forgetting to have my priest bless my rosary, but when i get the medal i'll have him bless both. hell, maybe even the whole bike for good measure.

    i also have an ace of spades patch on one of my jackets, and I may paint one onto the side of my helmet if i get around to it.

    my bike keys (house key, garage key, bike key) are on a lucky rabbit's foot, which i have determined is "disturbingly appropriate."
  6. I was wearing my dog tags when a grenade went off close to me....I only caught a piece of shrapnel in my flak vest collar and a little at the base of my neck- flesh wound. They're the only things I have left from those days.

    Lucky or not, they're worn every time I ride, so far-so good.

    And riding is a little like combat, isn't it? :devil:
  7. Nothing...I just ride. I am not superstitious.

    Hmm....come to think of it.....I do have a little mantra I say before I start.

    "Don't be stupid".... :) A little reminder to myself to constantly think while I'm out and about, because so many people who are out there.....don't.
  8. I got nothing I just ride.
  9. I always say a little prayer before I get on the bike.
  10. +1
    Me too.
  11. I have a bandana that I have to have with me. It usually goes around my neck to block out wind but when its hot, I just stuff it in my jacket. Can't ride without it.
  12. Hi Guys,

    In 1980 I was young and stupid, and had a two-party accident: me and the party I left on the bike. I went through a four-strand barbed-wire fence at 80 mph, and managed to walk up to a road and flag down a pick-up to take me to the hospital. My helmet and the sixer of beer for when we got home were both safely strapped to the carrier of the bike. I stopped the top strand of barbed-wire with my forehead, and that's why I wear a nice scar from 79 stitches.

    My lucky charm? Other than remembering not to ride drunk, I have a piece of that barbed-wire fence taped to the handlebars of my main ride, and every time I get on the bike, I see it. After all these years, it never fails to wake me up just a little bit. The wire helps, but the main thing is to learn from your mistakes.....and dear God, I was hurting the next morning in the hospital!! That was the real wake-up call! :shock:

    So that's my amulet....a chunk of fence that took a chunk of forehead.

    Still riding,

  13. I ride with dog tags and before I put it in 1st, I think, ride like nobody sees you/everyone's out to get you.
  14. I just do a walk around my bike while it's warming up and check it out before I ride.
  15. MichelinMan

    MichelinMan Moderator Staff Member

    There's a keepsake I have in my pocket of a rider who is no longer with us.

    It never leaves my jacket.
  16. i do the exact same thing. so do all my friends/parents when they see me go out.
  17. pjd

    pjd Moderator Staff Member

    If you are talking about Mikey's dog tag, I am the same.
  18. I have this crazy superstition.

    I read books, ask advice from more experienced riders and constantly work to improve my riding skills.

    It really seems to help! :mrgreen:
  19. i tap the side of my helmet after im all set to go. i tap to think, to use my head, to stay alert, to stay alive, to think of all the idiots on the road,etc etc
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