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Riding down US-101 to CA-36 and back. What to see?

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by likhi, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. So, I managed to get a week off from work during the week of Labor Day. That week, I'm going to be riding US-101 from Westport, WA to Fortuna, CA, and then CA-36 over to Red Bluff, CA. Going to be travelling light with just what I can fit in a Givi TW01 bag.

    Aside from getting the obligatory picture of my bike under the "Caution, curvy road, Next 140 miles" sign and my bike in a tree tunnel, what other sights should I see? A chiropractor? :mfclap:
  2. Just a few of the many "must see" stuff down that way....

    The Redwoods.
    The Lost coast...very senic, but the pavement is old and in bad shape along much of the route.
    The Samoa Cookhouse
    The section of Hwy 1 from Legget out to the water. It's a bit further south of Hwy 36 but well worth it IMO. It's :cloud9: if you can hit it with little to no traffic on it.
    Stop in at the Wildwood store up on Hwy 36 for a burger and fuel. I was told the owner is/was a AMA racer.
    If you take the road that runs behind the Wildwood store, it will eventually drop you out on Hwy 3 south of Hayfork. It gets a little narrow for much of the route, but it's a good road.
    Hwy 3 between Hwy 36 & Hwy 299 has some fun sections to it.
    Hwy 299 between Weaverville and Redding has a fun strech going down the mountain, but be carefull...Hwy 299 is heavily patroled. bacon:

  3. Oregon wise..

    Ecola state park just north of cannon beach. Get a great view of the town and Haystack rock. They also filmed some scenes from the Goonies there.

    Neah-Kah-Nie Mt. the 101 climb south of Arch Cape. Awesome cliffside views of Manzanita. Plenty of overlook spots, they'll probably be packed with RV's.

    Just before you get to Wheeler, turn left on 53. Then right at Miami-Foley Rd just past the winery. Awesome little bypass of 101 (the stretch between wheeler and rockaway beach is usually a slow crawl due to tourists) There's some decent twisties towards the south end of the road. It'll dump back out on 101 just south of Garibaldi.

    Tillamook Country Smoker factory outlook in Bay City if you like beef jerky.

    Then there's the Cheese Factory in Tillamook. Meh...

    In Tillamook, take a right on 131 (3rd street) for the 3 Capes Loop. Will take you around Cape Meares, through Netarts, to Cape Lookout, through sandlake, Cape Kiwanda, Pacific City then back to the 101.

    As for south, expect some traffic in Lincoln City.

    The stretch between Yachats and Florence has some great views.

    Oregon Dunes recreational area outside Reedsport.

    I haven't ridden the stretch between Coos Bay and Crescent city.

    South of Crescent City is awesome. (I came down 199 from I-5 last time)

    Take the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway south of Klamath. Awesome ride through the redwoods.
  4. Agree with everything but wildwood. They were closed when we went through at around 11. Talked to some locals at the platina store. Aparently the guy who bought the wildwood from bob is running it into the ground.

    The road behind the store is wildwood rd. If you take it, you won't get the sign. Just an fyi.
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  5. Hi there. I just did a coast run last weekend.

    I would like to add, south of Coos bay you will find Hwy 42, take that to Coqille and go back to the coast on Hwy 42S, one of the top motorcycle road in the state.

    Stay a night in Port Orfort, the Sea Crest hotel is very nice, much nicer on the inside then out. If you like fish and chips, the Crazy Norwegian has the best in town, you'll get allot for a little price. the next morning hit up the Paradise cafe for breakfast, if you order pancake, it will be just one, it's the size of a dinner plater.

    If you take 199 back, then go to Canyonville and run Tiller trail / Hwy 227. If it's lunchtime, you must stop at Kens sidewalk cafe in Canyonville BEST BURGERS IN THE STATE. The first half of Tiller until you get to Tiller is smooth and fun, after Tiller is a very tight and twisty road, with two surprise hairpins. The turns will be signed at 20mph, believe it.
    You will then be in Shady grove and Hwy 62, you can run it north to Carter lake. Hwy 138 is a mess of construction, avoid it. Hwy 58 had some as well but it far less clogged.

    If you go to Crater lake be sure to run the east rim hwy, far less traffic and better views.
  6. Good to know. I usually go down and ride 3,36,299 at least once during the year, but haven't been down there so far this year. I have a buddy in Redding who I ride with when down that way. I'll pass that info along to him. :eek:ccasion:
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  7. Oh, and 36 between 3 and the top of the hill right before wildwood. The county destroyed it with their patches. I think they might have been high. It's still a fun rd, and a must do, just nowhere near as nice as it was.
  8. Didn't stop at Wildwood last time but I can say the burgers at the shack in Mad River are most excellent!
  9. I knew I recognized the "faster copper color" thing from somewhere... *ahem* Rideit.

    Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.
  10. Gotta get a pic with your bike under Paul Bunyan and Babe 8)
  11. I think there is an ocean near that road somewhere.
  12. That shack in mad river also has the best milkshakes EVER
  13. I grew up in Ferndale, just across the Eel River from Fortuna. I used to get carsick coming back from my uncle's place out by Bridgeville on HWY 36. Little did I know that I was growing up in a place that had such revered motorcycling roads. I even bought the original VFR back in 86! All I cared about was top speed in a straight line then....... Dumbass! Oh well, one day I will take the time off or not be deployed, and head back down there on my 07 VFR.

    I have lurked this guys website in the past, and from what I remember of the roads that I did way back when, he tells the truth! Have a great trip!
  14. Well guys, I tried to head out today but had a luggage malfunction. So now I'm back home and all of my stuff still intact.

    Now what? How to save my week off? Perhaps I should just go by car... :angry7:
  15. Ditch the luggage and go!
  16. This! Warning:Langlois Mtn. Rd. a few miles south of Bandon. (Turn left onto it at the Langlois Store) A hungry ditch tried to swallow my bike last week. Other than that, great twisties and an awesome view of the ocean from the top.
  17. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    Stop in Arcata and buy a gram of smoke...weed or's available in the town square. Just don't smoke a cigarette in the town square...that shit's illegal. They'll fine you.
  18. Terrific road! Not to be missed.
    I always get a couple of dogs at the store and eat near the top overlooking the fields and ocean. It's great!
  19. How could I forget the dogs? Yes, gotta try one, or two.
  20. Screw the bag, stuff some chonies, socks, a couple shirts and a pair of pants in a backpack and strap it to the back of the bike. Hotel it. Throw away the dirty crap at the end of the day. It's like $10 worth of clothes. Stay in hotels and call it good.

    Go ride. :)
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