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Riding in the rain

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by hondaxl, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. I'm a new rider, and I live in Seattle, WA. Rainy days are something I will have to deal with very soon. Anyone have any tips on precautions I should take riding in the rain?
  2. Check your tire pressures!

    Everything else you've read about smooth inputs, easy roll-ons to the the throttle etc are all valid, but I think a lot of people forget that tire pressures drop with the cooler weather.

  3. I equate riding in rain to driving on snow. Possible and even fun, if done smoothly enough. Gentle steering, throttle, and brake inputs. (Or learn how to drift!)

    Ps- I love your bike! XL's are sweet :)
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  4. Smooth shifts, no sudden throttle twisting, wait at least an hour (or more if you can) after it starts raining, and DIAL IT BACK as much as possible for safe reaction times, etc.
  5. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Maintain your traffic intervils. Increase your following distances.
    Lube your chain more often as conditions change. Wear brighter clothing, be SEEN.
    Leave early to your destination. You won't need to rush. Always use your signals and signal earlier. Keep your tank full. Stay off the 'white paint' near cross walks.
  6. Get one of those lil' wiper/squeegee things that slip over yer thumb.

    And try to give no f*cks while riding in the rain.

    Rain shouldn't effect yer therapy session.

  7. Anti Fog your visor, and don't open it while you are riding unless you want the rain on the inside.
  8. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator Staff Member

    Layers, insulation, and waterproofing.

    Rain in and of itself will amplify the cold. When the rain soaks into the gear you are wearing it will suck the warmth right out of your body, so hypothermia becomes a real issue. Monitor your awareness and reflexes, as both will diminish with exposure.

    All weather riding gear accomplishes rain proofing in two ways:

    1.) Waterproof outer shell to shed the rain with inslation and armor underneath

    2.) Waterproof inner lining to turn away any moisture that penetrates a water resistant outer shell

    Either style has its plusses and minuses, including cost.

    Many people (normally casual rain riders) will simply get waterproof overpants and a waterproof pouter jacket.
  9. Light rain I am ok with, heavy rain, no thanks.Drivers up here have a hard enough time seeing us on 2 wheels when its dry out, I wont risk it in the rain when they definately cant see us.
  10. ni addition to the water-reistant Jacket and Overpants or Rainsuit, it's nice to have a pair of boots that dont' leak like a sieve. Riding with wet, cold feet has got to be one of more miserable experiences there is.
  11. The guys summed it up. I ride unless there is significant snow accumulation, and have learned one very important lesson: GOOD (eg. Olympia, Tourmaster, Aerostitch, Sidi, etc.) rain-resistant gear will make or ruin your riding experience.

    I am also a fan of putting a bright bicycle light on my rear rack/turn signal area to increase visibility for little $$.

  12. +1
  13. Learn to use your rear brake.

    Allow about twice as much following distance as on dry pavement.

    You are invisible to cars on a nice day. It's even worse now. Not only do you not stand out because of the gray light, but nobody expects a motorcycle to be out in the rain.

    You'll never resell your bike on Craigslist, because you can't say that your bike has "never been ridden in the rain."
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  14. crackup:
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  15. Rub some cheap dishwashing liquid on the inside of your visor, let it dry and then buff it off with a soft cloth. Helps with the fogging better than most commercial products.
    RainX your visor.
    Add a light or two and reflective material to your riding gear.
    Increase following distances.
    Keep an eye out for tailgaters and pull over to let them by instead of speeding up.
    Practice getting over to the sides of the road beneath overpasses.
    Get waterproof gloves and boots in addition to regular gear.
    Carry a towel to wipe off the saddle, mirrors, grips.
  16. I ride year round light rain or heavy rain ..even light snow and i will say yes drivers never see us in the summer. But when im riding in the rain they seem to see me better and when its heavy rain people seem to not only see me but they move the fuck over so i dont have to slow down....maybe its me though ..... lol ... i am riding a bright red bike with 55w hids lol. You should see thier faces
  17. False.

    In inclement weather, people are more likely to pay attention than they are in broad daylight nice weather situations. However, do what you can to make yourself seen.

    More importantly, make sure your bike is properly equipped to ride in the rain (tires, and whatever else you need to increase your focus/comfort).

    Most importantly, practice your emergency maneuvers on wet pavement to get a good idea of how your bike will respond. You'd be surprised how well most modern bikes will stop and/or swerve in the rain. The key is to be smooth in all inputs, and to know what/how YOUR bike will respond in a given situation.
  18. It looks like you've gotten a lot of good tips. But watch out for slippery stuff on on the road. Man hole covers, painted lines, metal grates, train tracks, oil, puddles you can hydroplane on, ect. I've only been riding street for about 6 months, but I've probably ridden more in the rain than the sun. Its fun, a challenge. It might help to find a clean parking lot (all oil has been washed out by rain!) to lock up your rear brake to see how it feels. Be smooth and give yourself plenty of space. As long as your geared up and your bike is ready (drop the air pressure a little in the tires, I go 2 psi down in the front and 4 in the back, but every bike/rider is different) you should have a blast. Ride safe
  19. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    Schedule a track day in the rain. No, really.
  20. I agree with all of these...

    a few more than others...

    IF you actually do ride in the rain/cold... EXTRA CLOTHING including shoes socks underwear toothpaste/brush<(wtf did you get inside yer mouth out there)... I have been SOAKED to the bone (really the bone) f'n cold why'd I want to ride and prove a point *that I really ride year round* wtf was I thinking? <<< lol leave early (just in case) ... I leave anything out? :)
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