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RMC Taco Thursdays

Discussion in 'Westside' started by vville123, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. Happy hour 5 till 7 I think, $1 tacos and $2 beers. FYI the tacos where good.:mfclap:

    We go on thurs only, I guess???
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  2. Hell ya I'm in for thursday, ill have a few riders with me. Hope to see you guys there.

  3. But how will I know it's you? We need a special hand shake....But really I'm the guy with the bandanna with a padlock hanging out my back pocket.
  4. I will be the guy with a big donkey206 sign. Lol. I will even be yelling it, maybe I should were a padlock neckless. We could start a new thing, master lock will totally sponser our posse.
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  5. IN for a "Posse" Yocrackup:

    EDIT Tue & Thurs 5-8 for the $1 tacos & $2 beers
  6. 02

    02 Retired

    Moved to Westside
  7. I'm in, but I get to wear my grodey Kryptonite disc lock like Flava Flav! blingblin:woowoo:

    I think I'll come today. Hope to see some folks there. Take it easy on the wobble sauce! :eek:ccasion: :pukerigh:
  8. i need to stretch the legs on my bike... ive been so busy at work and partying in vegas that the bike has been feeling neglected... maybe ill cruise down.
  9. Can we get matching cowboy hats for this "Posse".
  10. what time are you guys showing up?
  11. feel free to text or call me if people cant find each other, 425-503-1716
  12. I'm leaving work at 5pm (N.Seattle) so ...5:45-6:ish depending on traffic.
  13. You buying? :freak:
  14. [​IMG]



    and YES.
  15. I will buy you both a drink just to get to watch you two :big_duel: in teh reel lifez! crackup:
  16. if you guys see a 24 year old white guy about 200lbs.with a 5 o-clock shadow with a red Joe Rocket jacket, wearing a black t-shirt jeans and black boots walking around looking lost... come over and punch me cause im being an idiot and cant find you guys.
  17. DEAL. :mfclap:

    You know we're holding you to this.
  18. Also, I've posted way too much in the last hour. I am officially checked out of work, haha!
  19. crackup:

  20. That was a great deal at Happy Hour. Sam Adams and four tacos under seven bucks. Word.

    I think we'll be trying to make this a pretty regular Thursday thing, but I'll leave that to vville. Thanks for posting up, dude!

    And whitefire, we'll expect you the next time around!

    Keep the greasy side down!
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