Road to Mt. St. Helens

Discussion in 'Westside' started by BCspur, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Does anyone know if NF 25 and NF 99 is still open? I was hoping to go for a ride this Sunday out that way.
  2. If only I could find where they keep this google....
  3. Ya, no kidding!:tard:
  4. Somebody else already did. I believe he's rather rich now.
  5. Andre 1000

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    sport bikes
    theres a lot of people going on this ride sunday morning 10Am at Bahama Breeze at southcenter mall. just fyi
  6. I was up there today. 25 has a new bridge installed between Randle and the turnoff for 99/Windy Ridge. 99/Windy Ridge is open all the way up to Windy Ridge...however, the section of road between the last viewpoint before Windy Ridge and the Windy Ridge parking lot has alot of sand/rocks on the roadway.
  7. We should be ahead of them by about an 1hr then. :)
  8. your pace VS their pace....they should catch up to you around 30 minutes
  9. ^^ crackup:greenchai:
  10. whats this supposed to mean ??
  11. You Slay me!
  12. uhhh.....okay ??
  13. Slay:
    Informal . to impress strongly; overwhelm, especially by humor: Your jokes slay me.
  14. sorry if you thought those were jokes.
  15. Let's go up there, I wana play.
  16. I know you aren't joking, if they catch up, they can pass, no problem. I'm not out there to race, I'll go to a race track to do that. Next year, I'll start going to different race tracks, but I hope you and John will take me my first time.
  17. wasnt my point, you didnt get it. so whatever
  18. My god iam sick of the pace wars, guys that say they don't want to race end up being the guys that go blowing by you. No it's not a race, but it is just what it is. A bunch of guys that like the feeling of speed and corners. You could have 3 groups or 10 as many as it takes to make everyone happy. After all I do this cause it makes me happy, it would make me happier if there were more peps that saw it this way. Bottom line, ride at your own level. It should be like it is in the hood don't Fuck with me and I won't Fuck with you. Now please let's go ride. PLEASE
  19. +1

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