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Roll Call 2Fast @The Ridge 8/21

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by shelbyguy, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

  2. That's what she said?

    I'm going to go with in, on this one Bob.

  3. I am in!! Cant wait to ride The Ridge again
  4. I'm in!!! Riding the Ridge for the first time.
  5. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    Depending on if I can find room for 2 bikes + gear.

    43.219% maybe.
  6. In

    Doing the school :mrgreen:
  7. Are you attending the school Dave or just the track day?
  8. In as well. Doing the Ridge for the first time. Doing the school.

    I'm in spanaway, happen to be trailering there???
  9. dirtburch

    dirtburch Motofit Group

    Trying to be in :thumbup:
  10. Want to be in, but no more 200 spots available, apparently... :cry:
  11. I'll go if you go.
  12. He is just doing the track day
  13. Hopefully there's still room in 100 for you :thefinge:
  14. Guess it's 300 time then, love that track!

    Blow me Matt.
  15. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    Rush, ill be trailering his bikes...

    i have room for a bike if you need, but need to get the bike to me this weekend(sunday at the latest so i can load everything.)

    thread here
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  16. I'm just doing the track day. Did the school last time. Can't wait. I'll give you a shout Steve while I am there.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2012