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Roll Call: 8/13, Motocorsa at PIR

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by rmorten, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. My first time with Motocorsa; who is in?
  2. Really? Just me and Motocorsa? That is a lot of track for one bike but maybe I can get some instruction on how to keep the shiny side up...

  3. I'm a maybe and I know a few other people that are in for sure that don't hang out on the forum.

  4. No one was asking about your pipe dreams or imaginary friends!:thefinge:

    I may have to work on Sunday and try to make it out for at least a half day Monday.
  5. Lol, I hate you Jason. But I'll be there for sure on Monday.
  6. If I get my coils in, I'm in.

  7. WHATTTTT!!!!!!:scared

    So it wasnt catastrophic then?

    Yeah yeah, just for that I just may have to come run you off turn 4.:secret:
  8. Nope, I switched C1 coil to C3, and c3 didn't work. So it's looking like it was just a coil.
  9. No compression test though?
  10. Jason, I can do that very well on my own thank you!
  11. I'd react the same way if you weren't at a trackday!!!
  12. I'm in! First time at PIR...first time on any track.

    VFR800 - check
    Boots, jacket, pants, gloves - check
    New Battlax S20's - check
    Brake pads good - check
    Relatively fresh fluids - check
    Blue painters tape - check
    Water - check

    Anything else I need? Thanks.

  13. More water and start today and tomorrow its gona be warm and hydration starts days ahead of time!
  14. It helps to bring some humility to the track. If not the track will make sure you leave with more than you came with and that isn't fun.
  15. Definately planning on packing some of that. Want to leave in the same shape I arrived. Advice definately appreciated here!
  16. dirtburch

    dirtburch Motofit Group

    See you there :mrgreen:
  17. Great lurking today!!! Good show!
  18. Great day with Motocorsa today! Breeze helped keep the heat in check. Got a little lecture after the first session, but then it was smooth sailing from there.

    Note to self: take it easy on the lasagna lunch as a food coma will follow crackup: