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Roll Call: August 3rd - 2-Fast @ PIR

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by dawtips, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. First time at PIR! Who else is going?

  2. Finally in for real this time. Hope I remember which way the track goes.
  3. Who do we have for track side support? Tom Young is out of town and I'll be needing some VP C12....
  4. Not sure, EDR had a post on their FB that if anyone needed VP to call them and they would bring some out to the track for the OMRRA peeps.
  5. EDR Doesn't carry c12, but KFG usually has it.

    See you tomorrow!
  6. Hey, bring an extra set of warmers and lunch is on me :)
  7. You won't be needing warmers much. Track temp will be about 100 or more I'd guess. Glad I'm running a medium compound for tomorrow. Cheers to Eric for towing my Aprilia out there too :mrgreen:
  8. Lunch at 2fast is free, but I have an extra set.
  9. Way over your head.
  10. why does everything with you involve that? mostly from guys too....
  11. Matt says it best.....see below

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