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Roll Call: Ducati Bellevue at The Ridge - June 25

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by rmorten, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Who is going? What group?

    I chatted with Brett on Tuesday; same intended format as the April track day...
    Intermediate 1
    Intermediate 2

    Advanced riders will ride at lunch and in the afternoon after everyone else is done.
  2. Anybody??? I might be on the wrong forum...

  3. Count me in....(as if i have a choice) now which bike should I ride? 848.... 848 streetfighter..... m796 race bike....... oh wait i know I know

    how about the 1199................... yep all of them
  4. Hopefully stopping at DucBell today to sign up!
  5. dirtburch

    dirtburch Motofit Group

    I would really like to attend this event ! Thanks for the invite guys!!
  6. Why cant these things ever be on a weekend!? I'm new at Boeing.. which means no vacation
  7. what do you do at Boeing?
  8. You are welcome. You don't need a personal invite do you?
  9. Do you need to have a Ducati to do this?
  10. Not that I am aware of.
  11. Thanks. What sort of level is intermediate 1, any ideas?
  12. It's called a sick day, use it. I am.
    You get 40 hrs off the bat your first year, takes at least three months to accumulate the 40 hrs. You accumulate time as you go, up to 40 hrs your first year. Look it up in Total Access to see how much you've already accumulated...then call the hotline. :evil4:

    oh, and in.
  13. The intermediate group tends to be a bit large so it is split in half to keep the numbers down. If I remember correctly both groups are at the same level.
  14. Say you have a doctors appointment.

    I'm in, still gotta buy my ticket. Hopefully it won't be raining this time!
  15. IN! First track day on the multi. It should be quite the experience! I may do beginner just because it is going to be so different than the streetfighter and I don't want to get in anyone's way. I am very excited though.

    PS you absolutely do not need a ducati to do this.
  16. In, advanced (no sessions FTW!). First time there, very excited!
  17. Seriously considering after my track day got rained on.
    Advanced group looks interesting.
  18. IN! And the 1198S will be showing off her new Xerox track bodywork. w00t!
  19. Can someone provide more details on the schedule for the day? It sounds interesting. The last EMS/DucBell event I went to was OK, but being a racer in intermediate was... challenging.