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Roll Call: Inland Speed 8/20 Spokane

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by Stitch08, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Who all is coming out next Monday? I know I will be out there for sure turning laps!
  2. IN! And the first one on this thread!!! Sorry Kevin D.

  3. In, and second one on this thread! Take that Kevin D.!
    Is Mitch going to be there? Can he walk yet? Do we need to set up a "fix Mitch's bike" fund?
  4. Mitch will be there! His race bike will not be so fortunate. He will be on one of his street bikes.
  5. cjohns

    cjohns sctnabt

    Currently at Indy hangin' with the Red Bull gals.


    I'll be working.

    OUT. :(
  6. It would appear that this here Internet is actually only useful for porn. Why haven't more people chimed "in"?
  7. cb
  8. This guy would have been missed, had he used the Internet for its other purpose.
  9. It should have been. Shill. Per wilkpedia.

    "In online discussion media, satisfied consumers or "innocent" parties may express specific opinions in order to further the interests of an organization in which they have an interest, such as a commercial vendor or special interest group."

    I think you guys should just be honest and disclose your relationship to the track day, aka, you are employees or whatever and not paying trackday riders., To the uninformed, it appears like you are paying participating customers, when that is not the case. I have no problem with your role, it is a good and necessary role, but you are misrepresenting your role publicly. I do not see this kind of posting for many other trackday organizations that I have ridden with, think you should maybe follow their example,, i.e. PSSR, 2Fast etc.

    That is all. :secret:

  10. Noone should ever follow an example set by me.
  11. Okay, I'm in. I pay for my registration. And I'm happy about that. Kudos to Inland Speed for being the primary track day provider of the inland northwest!
  12. I think it is awesome that Inland Speed is available and willing to provide track days here in Spokane. I wish I could have been there more this year and last. Hope everyone had a good, fun, safe day today. 8)

  13. Thanks Craig. I shall take your advice for what I consider it to be worth.