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Roll Call MotoFit Group @ The Ridge Motorsports Park 10-20/21 Who's in?

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by BountyHunter, Sep 24, 2012.


    It looks like Shelton is expecting about 1.5 inches of rain between Friday and Sunday, so the MotoFit Group is cancelling the track day in order to keep our friends safe. We know it's a bit risky to have an event in October but we keep trying for it.

    We had a great year and are thankful for all of you who make up our MotoFit Group, team and family.

    Have a super Fall and Winter, stay active and safe!

    Thank you, Kara

    October 20 and 21st
    Come join us for our last track day for 2012 at The Ridge Motorsports Park.

    Early registration pricing, (register up to one week prior to event)
    $195.00 per day for Saturday and Sunday
    $375.00 for the weekend

    Day of event
    $225.00 per day for Saturday and Sunday

    Dry camping at the track
    Registration and Tech open at 7:15am
    Rider's meeting at 8:20am
    Track green at 9:00am, ends at 5:00pm
    Saturday night BBQ in the pot luck fashion, please bring a dish and participate

    For additional information please go to or

    1060 Eells Hill Rd, Shelton, WA, 98584

    We're going to have an amazing time...tell everyone... :secret:
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  2. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    October 20th and 21st, right?

    I'm a little tempted to do this... it's been a while since I've been on a track. It's been a while since I've ridden.

  3. Yea, do it!!
  4. Back to the Ridge for a year ender!:mfclap:

  5. dirtburch

    dirtburch Motofit Group

    Awesome photo Dood ! Love it.
  6. I failed to add the date to the header, can I edit that part or start over?
  7. I believe I have a free one with MotoFit I have been waiting to use....Can you say IN
  8. Is babyjordan Ryan?
  9. Yes, thats me :mrgreen:

  10. Yes, I'm the BountyHunter
  11. Spread the word folks...October 20 and 21st at the's going to be a great time as we will be celebrating Sage's birthday!!!! ;)
  12. Is this Dave? Don't forget to register online...
  13. If you're interested in corner working please contact Kara at

    As soon as possible please... ;)
  14. Still need corner workers? :shock:
    Well I'm in, and will be waiving pretty flags all weekend. Come on gang where else do you get to see the super secret "how to beat Doody" class :ninja:

    or see the suburban seemingly burst in flames coming round 15, only to find out the fire extinguisher had gone off

    and you get the best seat in the house to watch a great motofit weekend.
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  15. :ROTFLMAO:Thats some funny shit right there!crackup: