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Roll Call: OPRT @The Ridge Sept 27th

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by barry.mccockener, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Thought I would start this thread to see who else is going. Kitsap started their own thread but it's in Kitsap, not Track Time. Anyway, this is my first track day. I've been riding pretty much my whole life and on the street for over 30 years. I decided it was time to strip down my 700 kitted Hawk and take it to the track. Although I have done a couple seasons of flat track in my youth, I haven't taken the time to hit a road course. Well my mind seemed to change when they put in The Ridge about 10 minutes from my house. Needless to say, this guy is very pleased and excited. I look forward to meeting more PNWRs out there. Stop by and say hi.
  2. You'll have a blast! Did my very first track day at Pacific raceway in kent with ORPT and they were great. I'm hooked and am wanting to do the trackday on the 27th. Hope to meet you!

  3. Maybe here, im moving into a new place around that date...and moving aint cheap. Im trying to swing it.
  4. In. Now to find someone to trailer me down... :) Im staying another day and doing the 2Fast track day the 28th so I would only need a ride /down/ there. Anyone have room? I am in Lake Stevens.
  5. In.

    Glad you started a new thread in Track time. I just wanted to cater to the Kitsap group, because a bunch of guys were telling me we should get a kitsap group to a track day, and that's why I did that. Hope to meet you out there.
  6. shelbyguy

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    have room for 1 if not 2 for transportation from Lacey area.
  7. IN doing my first track day. Signed up for the school. How many people ride to the track?
  8. shelbyguy

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    if your not comfortable riding there, drop the bike with me sometime that week, and ill bring it up for you.

    have hauled rush66 bike and a few others in the past, just in case
  9. Thanks man I'll PM you.
  10. In, of course.

    The fourth day of school doesn't really matter anyways, right?

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    In like Flynn!

  12. i rode to the track from Everett the night before 2fasts 8/30th and it was a long.. cold.. dark ride. the ride back i at least had the sun for the first half then i had somones trailer to draft behind :mrgreen: not having a gas tank for the track day sucked though, thankfully some people helped me out with gas to i didnt hafta remount my mirrors replace tape and go to the gas station, i only saw one other person ride there other than me and it was there first track day too.
  13. Lol
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    In and we had several ride in yesterday including one girl an an R1 from Canada!?!