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Roll Call: Pacific Track Day 8/10 - 2-Fast

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by crwilcox, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. I noticed there wasn't a thread for this yet and thought I would get one going.

    I am scheduled for Novice (100). It will be my first track day and am very much looking forward to it.

    Also, I live in Redmond and am planning on just riding the bike down to the track. While I by no means think this is ideal, it isn't too far to Kent. If anyone here has a trailer though, I would love to share a ride down.
  2. Day before a race weekend so I am most likely in. May be sporting a new bike, or maybe a 20 speed Specialized. Not sure which yet

  3. Just signed up for the 200 level on the 10th. Was bummed I couldn't get into the July 28 track day (200 level filled) as I just found out today that my Saturday schedule had cleared. Guess I'll just have to be patient and hope the time flies by between now and the 10th.
  4. Going to be my first track day as well. . .
  5. Sounds like its time to pop the specialized track cherry lol.
  6. Too late. I'll be out at Pacific tonight and on track at 7 :thefinge:
  7. cobra525

    cobra525 WMRRA Sportsman of the year


    I to haz speshal sprize:mrgreen:
  8. Yepp. Going up to the great white north tomorrow to pick it up. I'll need a tow while i try to figure out how to ride the thing
  9. see you there...! :ninja::secret:
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  10. is it still required
    to have 2 pcieces which
    zip together or
    a one piece?
  11. OOk

    OOk beansbaxter is too lazy to come up with something

    Pretty sure, yes.

    PS, In!
  12. 75% in...hope to come as it'll be my very first track day.
  13. "see you there...!"


    Haven't seen you in awhile. You pitting with us?
  14. Are you the one I should ask for help if my bike is still in a bunch of pieces come Friday morning? I almost took a picture last night to post on FB but I didn't want to get laughed at
  15. where do u guys usually pit?? i'll be there around 7ish.
    yeah, its been a crazy last couple of years for me... but im ready to start riding again, new bike and everything! :mrgreen:
  16. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    1. in.
    2. first dibs when you part this one out! :mrgreen: