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Roll Call PSSR PIR mon sept 24!

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by bwboley, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. I'M planing on c group if i can find pants to zip into my joe rocket jacket! this will be my first track day! :thefinge:
  2. me too.....first time....not the pants

  3. Il be in c group and pitted by tom young at the Competition Motors area!
  4. :ninja: i have that day off but still debating :evil4:
  5. Namedropper! He's the slowest guy I know!

    KTM RC8R Special Race demo bike AND the latest generation MotoCzysz e-machine will be at this event as well, woot!:mfclap:
  6. I'll drop his any time. He's helped me alot plus I've know him for ever. Also he's known my grandpa for ever to (turn one capt 37 year turn worker:scared) he's out there every omrra and pssr day! Besides the oct race him and I are headed to taladaga to watch nascar.
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  8. I'm in. Awesome to see lots of new folks coming out for their first day. PSSR puts on a great event and you'll have a BLASTY. Hope to get a chance to meet some of you guys!
  9. Ya i usly work there but im changing it up a bit! lol:mfclap:
  13. Yes but only after he tapes his headlight.
  14. TwistedTimes

    TwistedTimes HondaKilla

    IN. be on a burnt orange R1 in the B group.
  15. :mfclap:had a blast must do it again! quickwilly was that you doen in 3? if so you alright?
  16. Yea, that was me. One of the cooling hoses let go at the end of the straight. It got squirley between 2 and 3 and I dumped it in the run off. Im fine, bike just needs a little duct tape and distilled water for the next track day. I was running with regular engine ice (ethylene glycol) so a couple other riders got mixed up on the spill as well.

    Thanks for asking.
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  17. i came trough right behind and it was slick i though it was oil lucky i seen the flag at turn one.
    cant wait for next track day!