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Roll Call: STAR Course at Ridge 17/18SEP

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by Rush66crp, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. I'm in for Monday. Anyone else?

    I'd love to get in on someone's trailer if possible
  2. DEFINITELY IN. I have done a few Star schools and they are great. Excellent teaching by Jason Pridmore and his hand picked instructors -- lots of first rate attention and useful feedback. Plus you don't have to compete with track day riders since Star rents out the whole track for 2 days. AND everyone has the opportunity to do a 2-up with Jason which is exciting and very instructive -- a must. All this for about the same price as a local school/trackday. $300 per day $600 for 2 days. This is a steal for a nationally recognized track school. .

  3. I'm in for both days. :mrgreen:
  4. This is going to be a big group of many regulars! Should be an awesome couple days out there WOOT!
  5. cobra525

    cobra525 WMRRA Sportsman of the year

  6. Just a reminder, I'm looking for a trailer buddy :)
  7. I would but I won't be coming from that way.

    Steve, you're fast enough for now. You can skip the school :D
  8. cobra525

    cobra525 WMRRA Sportsman of the year

    While your intentions are good, he kinda asked for it.
  9. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    you win.

    i agree.
  10. I hear Pridmore is FULL! Gonna be a great 2 days and the weather should be perfect. Can't wait
  11. I am worn out after 2 days with Jason Pridmore's Star Motorcycle School and I have 2 words: FUCKING AWESOME! This is the best track school I have been to. We had amazing classroom instruction. Great track instructors. Maybe 50+ riders. And only 2-3 crashes with NO injuries. Safe. Fast. Everything aimed at making you a better rider. This was the fastest safest school I have ever been to. (that sounds redundant but its worth repeating). Did a 2 up with Jason along with almost everyone else. Thats a thrill ride and an up close & personal lesson in smooth shifting, braking, RPM management and lines all at a crazy speed. Mark De Gross was there, SteveO and many riders I have been with all season as well as new friends from Canada and other alien lands. Jason promises to be back --he loved the Ridge.

    My wish is that EVERY track day ran as smooth, fast and safe as Pridmore's. There are too many reckless riders at our local track days that make them much more dangerous than they need to be. This year especially, the crashes and asshole riders are making track days a lot more risky and less fun than they should be. Want to see how a great track day and school runs? Try Jason Pridmore's Star School.
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  12. I agree, fucking awesome.
  13. I had so much fun and learned even more. Great time, and I'll definitely do it again when they come back up here. Hell, I'll probably head down to Cali and catch one of their schools down there at some point.

    Top notch all the way around.
  14. Was a fun 2 days and a good group of riders. Jason is a cool guy and is super easy to talk to. You get the solid impression that he and his crew want to help you be a better rider and not just ride around the track. I have some new things to work on now. I will definitely be going out with them again when they come back.

    Only negative I might say is that the student-instructor ratio was a bit high, say compared to one of the Code/CSS schools. You get a lot more intensive one-on-one in the CSS classes. But STAR much cheaper so that's not really fair. I did always see them talk to someone until they were sure their question was answered, and my questions were answered well, so it's on you to make sure you ask. Given the format I thought they did a very professional job.

    Also big +1 for the two-up. Well worth the wait and he doesn't charge extra for it like I've seen others do.
  15. I hope you guys that got the 2-up ride with JP tipped him handsomely! The tip money went to a good cause, one of JP's young students who is parilized from the waist down due to a crash.

    Good time with JP and friends. I'd be happy to do it again. I took pages of notes during class to remind me of the small things that make big difference.

    A big "Thumbs Up" to JP & crew!