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Rollin thru the Umpqua

Discussion in 'Roseburg' started by pineapple dave, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. I don't know why I did not post this before but do you all know about the event this weekend ? If not here is the flyer, I will be down there hope to see other's. Probably have the wife bring RV and park across the street in RV park.
    This replaces the event at the fairgrounds last year, there are new people in charge and more vendors/stuff than last year.
    Who want's to ride down Sat. not sure what time??
  2. Thanks for posting, I didn't know about it.

  3. That sounds like fun. I'll try to make it. What time would we leave?
  4. Sounds fun,but I think Cindy and I will be doing the ABATE poker run on 138,Bikers for Christ is doing the BBQ at the end.I have the poster,but no time right now,so I'll post details later.We went on this one last year and it was a great time,lots of bikes...
  5. That explains all the damn Harley's I had to pass on my way home from the armory today :evil4:
  6. Lololololo

    I'm at Roseburg booster juice.

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  7. Heard that. They were thick out today. Lots of 'em headed to Oakland too.
  8. had to stop for about 20 of them turning onto southbound I-5 from Tri-City... one wave from a passenger through the whole procession...:angry7:
  9. OK, you don't seem to like those "damn Harleys" but also seem upset when they don't wave at you... ?!
  10. Its all good, no particular bias other than good natured shit talk.
  11. If you did not go, you did not miss anything.
  12. This event is supposed to replace the one they had at the fairgrounds last year? Everyone liked that one and this year it stunk? Different organizers i guess.
  13. Did the Abate poker run out 138 on Sunday.. was a blast except for a couple accidents, one serious.
  14. I know, but I really enjoyed the contradiction.
  15. details?
  16. I talked to one of the head guys, he said it was just a couple guys who had had something to do with last years, but decided to start their own. The guy told me "if you're just going in for the vendors it's not worth the $8". But you got a $5 coupon for slots, so it's was really only $3, but then I went in and lost a lot more money on slots. They don't call them "one armed bandits" for nothing.:roll: The only cool thing I saw was a patch that said "Tell your BOOBs to quit staring at my eyes!". I need that one.:mrgreen:
  17. When I went by the bike was on it's side in the eastbound lane with the rider & passenger down next to the bike. Several cars & a lot of bikes had stopped & there were lots of people helping out. One of the cars pulled over on the westbound shoulder was towing a small utility trailer & the left tire & fender was bent back where the bike hit it. minutes later passed 2 ambulances, a sheriff & a state cop all eastbound. Haven't heard/seen anything official about injuries or fault.. No info at all about the second one except that there was one a bit further west of the 1st one. Saw a guy trying to bunji a crashbar to his bike & he mentioned that there had been one.
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