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Ron Ayers and UPS can suck it

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by sin808, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Twice now recently I've ordered from Ron Ayers and instead of shipping to my ship to address they send my order to my billing address. Luckily the first time I happened to be home on the day UPS delivered.
    This time around I wasn't. UPS left an infonotice on their first attempt to deliver. It's checked box A: Your written authorization is required to leave package. Sign the back, list my neighbors address to deliver to, stick it to the door on my way out.
    Next day, another infonotice, no delivery. I figure my neighbor might've been out when they came by so I sign the new notice, mark my neighbors address and below that said to leave it around the back if they weren't there.
    Arrive today to find a third infonotice stickied directly over the one I left (and signed so they'd leave the damn package) says they're returning to sender because they required my signature to leave the package (srsly? is that not wtf I signed the back of the other one for???)
    So now my package is back on it's way to NC with the fairing pins for the bike I take on vacation next week and UPS says it's not possible to re-route the shipment (for fucks sake, that's all you fuckers do!!).
    Called and left Ayers a voice mail, we'll see what they say in the morning (provided they actually call like I asked).

    On top of that a local restaurant ran $91 on my card for a $17 bill on Monday. Now of course they're dragging ass to resolve it (my credit union was awesome about it though).

    Has anyone else had problems like this with Ron Ayers? I already know UPS runs a shit business. But seriously, it's like a clusterfuck of ineptitude with businesses I've had to deal with lately. Is this the norm nowadays?
  2. How exactly is this a Ron Ayers problem? Once you got that 2nd notice why didn't you go pick it up at your local facility? This seems like user error to me.
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  3. How is it not a Ron Ayers problem? Had they shipped to the correct address it would have been delivered on day 1. And I work during the hours of pickup at the local ramp.
  4. sounds like some one has a case of the Mondays
  5. maybe..or it could be I'm just tired of dealing with subpar service.
  6. welcome to 2012 it's not the 50s anymore and it fuken sucks
  7. I've had great service and excellent pricing from Ron Ayers. I bought a ton of stuff to rebuild by CBR1K. My experience was excellent.
  8. shipping problems + restaurant overcharge.

    trouble comes in 3s. Brace yourself.

    Also, there is A LOT of pressure for UPS / FedEx people to be VERY efficient w/ their time. They will not stand around or wait when they try to deliver a package. <---from what I've been told. I've been home many times where i heard the knock, i get to the door almost immediately and they are already in the truck and ready to drive off. Their companies are busting their asses.

    Not possible to re-route shipment sounds like bullshi* to me w/ all the modern technology that is out there. local and use cash? :)
  9. I've never had a problem with Ron Ayers but UPS sucks. I've had them pull the same crap with me. Signing those things means nothing to them. They don't seem to understand their own notices.
  10. Just got off the phone with the Ron Ayers customer service guy. He was quite nice and understanding. He said he's not sure why it went to the wrong address (2x) since that system is automated with UPS. I'm not unfamiliar with those systems (cross border logistics & ups worldship anyway). Either their system was sending the wrong fields or putting them in the wrong spot most likely. Regardless, he'd spent some time on the phone with UPS trying to see if he could get the shipment re-routed to my shipping address (of course not!). So he's getting another set shipped out to me today, hopefully to the correct addy. So Ron Ayers no longer needs to suck it.

    I'd never had any problems with them up until these two most recent orders. So I'm glad to see it was just a weird fluke with my account I guess rather than a trend (provided the new package goes to the right place).

    UPS on the other hand can still suck it.
  11. Yeah ... if it were the '50s you would wait a week for your check to arrive by mail in NC, then another two weeks, at least, for it to clear the bank, another few days for packaging and then another week for snail mail to deliver it!
  12. I've had nothing but good experiences with Ron Ayers.

    UPS on the other hand can be a fucker. Luckily I've ordered such a multitude of crap that over the last year our delivery driver for our area has gotten to know me pretty well. Also luckily my home is in like their last delivery area so they show up about 6pm when I am home and able to recieve.

    Otherwise I do what you did. Ship it to work. My recieveing guys rock.
  13. This is true. But life was much better. Kids had respect and manners... and people understood customer service .. yes things took longer ect but the service was good
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. UPS delivered to the address they were provided by the sender.

    Ron Ayers has an apparent coding error.

    Neither are life threatening, and provide you only a minor inconvenience.

    Seems you're possibly blowing things way out of proportion.
  16. most kids these days have manners.

    lots of kids back then didn't.

    you just hear about the bad ones more because of the internet.


    same with customer service.
  17. Can't rep, but he needs it....:mfclap:
  18. your profile pic:

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  19. I'm surprised UPS didn't tell you to pound sand.

    I worked for a company that did a lot of shipping of our products and we once got screwed for $3200 because I shipped to an address other than the billing address of the card.

    The only way you can file a grievance and get your money back for mail fraud is if you sent it to the card holder on file. Companies that send to other addresses do it at great risk.
  20. Green dot.
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