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Roseburg Riders - Who are you and what do you ride?

Discussion in 'Roseburg' started by Friction Addiction, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Friction Addiction

    Friction Addiction Power Tripping Moderator Deluxe Staff Member

    Welcome to PNWriders....:mfclap:

    If you are new here please post up here....

    Feel free to tell us how long you been riding, what you ride and a little something about yourself.... :spoton:
  2. cascaderider

    cascaderider Moderator Staff Member

    Lots of riders in Roseburg-- where y'all hiding?

  3. Hey, all. First, I can't believe there's only 1 post to this thread. Yea, there HAS to be lots of riders in Pasadena...I mean Roseburg (just LOOKS like Pasadena to me). I'm one of those old farts that has more bikes than $$$. I ride a '04 GSXR 1000, a '01 R6, a '01 DR650, a '07 CFR450R (new to me), a 1983 Honda 650 Nighthawk on holidays & parade night and am turning a Ninja 650 into Streetfighter style. Also Vintage '75 Honda 250 Elsinore that I bought new, a '68 Honda 90 and a '70 Hodaka Ace 100 which needs resto. Love the twisties, Douglas Co. has some GREAT riding street & dirt. I have 16 acres in Winston and love the country. Sure beats the So. Cal. city life!! So, YEA, where are all you riders??? Patrick
  4. cascaderider

    cascaderider Moderator Staff Member

    Ya think? crackup:

    Glad SOMEBODY posted finally! Tell your friends. :) Also, takes you to this forum.

    We should do a ride. What's your schedule look like?
  5. Hey, Cascaderider. Yeah, we should do a ride. I'm up for Sunday 10-12 anytime. Cold, but I can layer up. Last year at SBNW in Stevens WA., I rode an Aprilia RSV Mile' 1000. HOLY S--T!! Going through a set of turns at 5 mph faster than on my GSXR1000, and that was the first time I had ever even seen the bike. Rode a Falco in Monterey at the Superbikes race in 2004 & was very impressed with the ergos. I WANT A MILE !!!
  6. I am a chiropractor in Roseburg and I live out in Tenmile. I ride a '96 Honda ST1100. I have 4 kids ages 6 to 15 who are all involved in sports, so I haven't been getting much riding time in lately.
  7. cascaderider

    cascaderider Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Dr Medak! I live just down the street from your practice. Maybe we do a coast ride and meet you in Tenmile on the way or something. Some time. In this freezing cold weather.

  8. cascaderider

    cascaderider Moderator Staff Member

    Oops, missed Sunday 10/12! Sorry, wasn't checking the forum this weekend. Got used to no action on here. :)

    I have not ridden a Mille but would like to. The ergos are great on the Falco; even more comfortable with risers like I have, though I may stick the factory clip-ons back on this winter just to see how they feel.

    There's a nice Mille for sale in Grants Pass, on consignment. See
  9. Hey, all. I took a ride last Sunday to Shady Cove out Tiller-Trail Hwy. Sunny, but chilly. I'm willing to meet anywhere nearby with cascaderider & the good Drmedak and any others for a ride IF it don't rain. Coast or inland. I'll check this tread more often. Funny how most riders my age are on cruisers and just how few miles they put on. I went 162 miles Sunday and stopped at Johny's after to find 4 cruiserbikes with a total of 22 miles between them. Who rides and who poses????
  10. cascaderider

    cascaderider Moderator Staff Member

    LOL! Be careful, some of those guys are mean! ;)

    I'm all in as well. Tell your friends to hit it jumps you to this sub-forum.

    Tiller Trail Hwy is a beautiful run! I rode it for the first time (coming back from Medford) this summer! Shady Cove was a great-looking place.

    Were you on your Gixxer?
  11. Yeah, I was on my '04 GSXR 1000, black/silver. Only mods are the Marchesini forged mag wheels, Gold to match forks & calipers. I ride that road several times a year, lots of fun curves. SC is a cool town, BUT be cool. The cops are watching. I run the river on my Tahiti every year, too. FUN!!!
  12. This is Friday 10-17-08 Anyone able to ride this weekend?? I'll check back tonight. Weather is always a factor. This is Oregon, bring a jacket..a raincoat..mudboots..and tire chains! Ya' just never know...
  13. cascaderider

    cascaderider Moderator Staff Member

    Dang it! Missed another post. Either way, I was not able to ride this weekend. I am considering flying down to Jacksonville tomorrow morning though to pick up something I bought, just to turn around and come back to work..

    So that will be some slab riding. But sorta fun.
  14. my name is Cody, and until I sell I I am riding a Husaberg FS450 SuperMotard...
    I have trimmed the rear plate, and went to bar end mirrors since then.

  15. Hey, Cody & all. That Hussy looks cool, is that the Callahans in the background?? I'm told they build an exceptionally fine bike. Closest I have is a DR650 dual sport. What bike you have in mind to replace it with?? AND to all riders in the 'burg, When and How do we get together for a ride??? Twisties, I hope..
  16. I have only been riding for about six months, dirt only. wr400 and xr400 are my choice of poison, i am in the market for a street bike, any advice or anyone got a buddy selling, i work weekends, i have all week off, and am riding offroad once a week!!! so far, i have checked out, Tillamook-Brown's Camp extera, The Bohemia Mine Saddle TRAIL(SWEET ALMOST 50 MILE TRAIL), DEER CREEK, and on sand-Winchester Bay, Horsefalls, and Sandreel. To Do-Callahans(Tomorrow Afternoon) and Boomer Hill next week... Anyways, i hope this forum wasn't only for road riders, but i will B Buying street soon. My Budget is 2500-3500. I also would like to sell my XR400-KBB 2500....
    !!!Loud Pipes Save Lives!!!
  17. it is awesome. 60+ HP at the wheel, 245lbs wet 220's without fluids... it is quick up until about 100...
    best dual sport/enduro/supermotard on the market PERIOD. and for $4100 someone will enjoy it...

    I am looking for something to do some sport touring. I have looked at everything from the Ducati's to Gsxr's to Aprilia's... mostly looking for trade until it sells... I am looking for a literbike, or like a 900ss, etc...

    the DR is great for mostly long dirt rides, and may actually be as good as the XR in that category, but for anything under 100 miles on Dirt or street I would go for another Husaberg.... I am looking for a 200 plus mile a day bike otherwise I would be keeping it.
  18. Yo' DanR. I got a 2000 Yamaha R6 for sale. 16k miles, was my track bike. PM me and we'll talk.
  19. cascaderider

    cascaderider Moderator Staff Member

    Good to see some posts! Welcome Cody and DanR!
  20. Hey DanR & other dirty riders. I am going down to Johns Peak in Jacksonville this Sun. Oct. 26 for the MRA Ghosts & Goblins Poker Run. check out for more info. Your bike needs OHV sticker, Spark arrestor & 99db sound limit. You can join the club, join the poker run or just ride the course. Fun group, fun event. Usually lots of bikes & folks, a family time.
    Hey,all. A change of plan, I got a JOB!! Need to move my tools, truck will be tied up Sunday, so I can't make the Poker Run, Damn. Anyhow, you all have fun, ride well.
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