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Rossi to Yamaha?

Discussion in 'Racing' started by RC51, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. According to Rossi, we'll know before Indy. And Spies to BMW WSBK? Who's going to fill Rossi's spot if he leaves? Crutchlow? Where will Dovi end up in all of this? Will edwards move back to Tech 3? Will the CRT biles in 2013 be piloted with lab monkeys? Stay tuned as Silly Season 2012 continues to entertain!!!

  2. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member

    Finish what? Butting heads?

    Good for Vale, I'd like to see him be on a competitive machine again.
  3. KA-BOOM
  4. seems to be done deal according to BBC and Speed w/Yamaha welcoming statement.
    2 questions now:
    Who will ride the Ducati?

    After probably paying that much for Rossi how will Yamaha handle having him and Jorge on same team?
  5. me and a acquaintance at my work were pondering and came up with a truly evil spin on this rumor........

    rossi funded by yamaha with factory bikes (not tec3) .....accompanied by....SPIES as a separate team.
  6. Nope. Go back and read the official press release from Yamaha. Either via the link I posted, or from any other source. Rossi and JL on the factory squad.

    I seriously doubt we'll ever see Spies on a Yamaha again.
  7. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    Rossi attracts so much sponsor money he is a no brainer!!! Nevermind being the greatest GP rider evar!
  8. Rossi has turned into quite the lower, since he left Yamaha. It must mean it's the bike, not the rider.
  9. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    Uh FFF, He won what? 3 championships on a Honda before his Yammie time....,remember???
    Oh and then there were some more on Aprilias before that. And the Yamaha was a mess before him and Burgess got ahold of it. But yea, Yamaha has kicked butt in Motogp. 2 or 4 stroke. So your Av-like fanaticism has some validity....,

    But yea its the bike....,Ducatis MotoGP bikes suck...,except that one time lol
  10. Even nicky-fucking-hayden won on a Honda. That was the year Honda bought the world championship for him. Half of all the bikes on the grid were on their pay roll, putting up an impenetrable wall for the weak kid.

    Honda does make decent race bikes, but it never trickles down to their street bikes. They don't make a no holds barred super sport, always a good performing sport tourer that gets reworked for racing so grandpa will buy one, too.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2012
  11. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member

    The refreshed CBR1000RR is winning all the magazine shootouts with no real new technology on it, but solid that not good enough?
  12. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    Nevermind FFF. Even I, a Honda Hater from wayyyy back, think all the recent CBR 1000's are great bikes.

    PATOOIEW!!! Gack!!!! URRP!!!! What a nasty taste in my mouth...,complimenting Honda....,Jeeezz...,
  13. You would almost have to give a blow job to a homeless homo to get that taste out! And finish.
  14. This thread is full of win!
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