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Rosso Corsas + forest service road = fail (PICS)

Discussion in 'Westside' started by PWALL, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. So, here it is:


    Never laid a bike down before and this is the way i do it. Knanthrup (kevin) and i head up to an undisclosed mountain location outside of Issaquah at 8 pm wednesday and hit up some light off roading. I will note that this is road that does not allow full sized vehicle access which means bike recovery is not easy...:evil4:

    We tool around (conservatively) about 7 miles or so and reach a cool viewpoint, get bored, and head back down. Kevin is on his BMW GS1100 and im on my multistrada. I still have rosso corsas on (dumb). As we are cruising along down the hill around 25-30 mph on a slight left hander i slide a little wide, find tires squirming around on the right edge (0 traction and its damp), hit a bump, try to scrub some speed and off the road i slide on the bike down a 15 foot embankment (a little scary since it was pitch black and i didnt know when i was going to stop). This whole time i am holding the handlebars trying to keep the bike from rolling and i basically just slide on my left side almost upright due to the STEEP incline of the embankment (small cliff lol). Once i stop im pointed uphill, no rolling, just sitting there in disbelief and angry at myself for being dumb and coming up here in the first place with that slick rubber.

    Luckily i was wearing full leathers. Kevin hears me yell/cuss on the chatterbox and turns around. We are both in full leathers and mercifully the mushy grass/gravel hill did no damage at all i was 100%. I lift the bike off my leg and it slides down another foot or so :shock:. At this point kevin and i try to get it up the hill to no avail. We cant even make any progress because as soon as we lift one end the other side slides. We decide we need supplies, so we ride all the way back to my place 2 up (no homo) and get 2 tow straps, a come-a-long and headlamps.

    When we get back around 10pm, we try to use his bike as an anchor, which fails miserable. Thank god there is a tree across the road that barely reaches. 45 mins of lifting and wrenching later the bike is back up and starts first try. Damage is minimal with light scratches (love crash bars), trashed mirrors, cracked clutch lever and hand guards, broken windscreen, and obliterated rear splash guard/blinker/plate combo.

    We cruise home and i stay up until 3 washing and assessing damage. I needed some time to reflect on how lucky i was! Not only could the side have been a real cliff, but even if the bike rolled once i would have been in it for $5k easy in exhaust and other damage.

    At this point im going for the streetfighter look with the handlebars (i miss mine), getting some rizoma goodies for the rear end and leaving the scratches to remind me not to be dumb. 8) Shouldnt be more than $700 or so and may end up looking really cool! Already got the mounts for the reservoirs and installed on the brake as previously they mounted to the hand guards.

    What a night! Some of the pics are of the work so far cleaning things up on the front end. Shout out for kevin for the help as always. It was quite the adventure. His GS even tipped over at one point (pics) but that thing is a freakin tank!

  2. glad you are ok with minimal damage to the duc.

    if you would have just gone to starbucks like us duc owners have the reputation for, this wouldn't have happened.........
    kidding about the starbucks part. my GT has never been to starbucks.

  3. +1

    But I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it probably wasn't the tires.
  4. That super sucks. Kudos for getting out there on the MS though. I'd like to see more on how well it held up as mine is in fairly constant danger of just such an event. As a side note..... did you have your traction control and ABS disabled? For really loose dirt I turn mine off but for gravel I put it in urban mode and let-er-rip.

    Glad youre ok and if you streetfighter it out POST PICS!
  5. Well at least we made it to the top of the secret location in Mexico

  6. LOL! Good pic :evil4:

    Oh I definitely agree. I will be the first to admit that! ...sort of a rookie on dirt :mrgreen:

    Let's just say they didn't help haha

    It held up really well overall. It was 100% on the way home and the crash bars saved the body work besides the scratches pictured. At the end of the day i have an excuse to order a rizoma fender elim, new puig shorty windscreen, cool led blinkers and mess around a little. I was in enduro which i believe still has some abs, but low traction control. Not 100% sure im usually in sport.
  7. Also,

    Prize money for anyone who finds my lost Alpinestars kneepuck on this location in Mexico.

    Description/Condition: Black. Mildly scuffed.

    I do miss it and one of my knees now feels naked.
  8. Sounds like a great adventure. I've taken some forest roads on my Versys at night and I know that feeling of complete emptiness on the edge of the your light.
  9. i will buy a case of beer for anyone who finds it.

  10. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    I think you're main mistake was the choice of bike for a first off road ride. Those tires on a lightweight SM bike would have been much better, but it sounds like it worked out and was an adventure!? I would recommend getting some time on a smaller dirt bike in daylight before your next adventure ride with the MS. One thing about dirt is the rear brake is used to steer just as much as the bars (ABS off!), which may have kept you from riding over the edge.
  11. It held up really well overall. It was 100% on the way home and the crash bars saved the body work besides the scratches pictured. At the end of the day i have an excuse to order a rizoma fender elim, new puig shorty windscreen, cool led blinkers and mess around a little. I was in enduro which i believe still has some abs, but low traction control. Not 100% sure im usually in sport.[/QUOTE]

    The traction control is lessened in enduro mode but there are no varying degrees of ABS. it is on or off. When in really loose or slippery you want that off.

    I've been happily surprised by the MS's capabilities but a dirt bike it is not. That front will wash out in a hot second!
  12. Good call. I will say it definitely isnt my first off road ride. I just havent been doing much in the last couple years. I have significant old crappy dirt bike experience from 10 years ago. I hardly ever use front brake on dirt ;)
  13. ninjaofdoom

    ninjaofdoom <a href="

    Glad the damage was minimal mang, and that you are 100%. Fix er up and post pics of the rebirth.
  14. Glad to hear ya made it out of this in one piece! Sounds like it could've been a helluva lot worse.
  15. thanks will do! she is track ready right now just saves me having to remove all that junk ;-) and damn do i need another track day!

    Appreciate it! It definitely could have been worse. I should buy a lotto ticket... If i win big, trackday for everyone on me.
  16. TwistedTimes

    TwistedTimes HondaKilla

    yeah that rubber is virtually a slick off road... good to hear you made it out of the ordeal un scathed! Only rounded knobbies for dual sports!!

    TRAIL BOSS Defiler of Threads


    And glad you're okay, man. That could have ended a lot worse.

  18. Aw man it just starts getting good at 1 min. I think I know this whole song by heart now. Avatar still kinda makes me laugh too :)
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