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Rust in tank

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Treavor, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Just started a new project. Am I correct in assuming that rust inside a gas tank is not possible to remove? Never ran into the issue before. There any home methods or products that can remove rust at all?
  2. GRN


    Do a search on st.n and ADVrider, I'm sure there will be plenty of info there.

  3. galenernest

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    I've had good luck with the Kreem treatment... It's a kit that's about $25 and it works well if you follow the directions precisely. If you screw it up, though, it becomes a huge mess.

    Wow, the price went up a bit... here's a link
  4. There is a kit you can buy that will remove and coat, i personally dont think kreem is the best product. POR 15 seems better.

    Ive used electrolysis to remove rust, it works well, but should really be followed up with a coating kit anyway.
  5. RedKat600

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    This!! Electrolysis to remove the rust, POR-15 to seal the tank. Kreem, IMO, is a terrible product.
  6. this is what our favorite painter and tank restorer Russ Foy at Custom Classics uses to coat them once cleaned out. It is also a very popular product used to help prevent the swelling of plastic tanks used on Ducati's and others. As with any product proper prep and application is paramount. He generally charges around $200 to get rust out, seal tank and a quick paint buff.

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  7. Electrolysis then POR15 or bill Hersch... Both work great if you follow instructions precisely
  8. I've seen videos of guys filling their tanks with screws or aquarium gravel and shaking the shit out them (or putting them in a dryer) to get it all out. Doesn't work as well as electrolysis though.
  9. Here's the DL. I've done this plenty of times.

    First, strip the tank of everything possible. Petcocks, fuel pumps etc. Plug all petcock bolt holes, vent holes etc etc so the tank is watertight. Fill (to the brim) with white vinegar and various nuts/bolts, and seal it up. Shake it really well every hour or so, then let it sit overnight. The acidity of the vinegar will eat away the rust. Drain the vinegar and rinse VERY well with HOT water. Set the tank somewhere to dry (I like to put it very near a heater or heater vent to evaporate the water quickly). Once it's dry, POR-15 it.

    Search for POR-15 instructions for motorcycle tanks for detailed instructions.


    After the tank is cleaned and POR'd, you will never deal with rust again. Ever.

    You're welcome.
  10. Thanks guys. ill do some research on these products and see whatll work for me. didnt know there was so many options for this.
  11. We're going to be using the por15 this weekend on a severely rusted tank. We'll let you know how it works.
  12. mjn

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    I've used the "handful + of washers" with gas several times with pretty decent results..

    The one time I had a tank that was not only rusted, but had a few pin holes in it, I found that my local radiator shop was the ticket.
    He completely cleaned the inside, soldered the holes shut, and Redkot'd the inside. All for a whoppin 50 bucks. Kind of tough to beat a deal like that...
  13. For removing rust, if you don't have an electrolysis rig, and don't want to deal with nasty chemicals, go with EvapoRust.


    I've used it and it works great. One of the safest to use that's out there, afaik. Easy clean up. I found it at Harbor Freight, but check their website for other retailers.
  14. This thread made my day.
    POR-15 it is for me.

  15. Would it be ok to use the air hose and shoot some air up through all the holes after I coat it before it dries to clear them out? My POR-15 should be here tomorrow
  16. That should work, but I'd use low pressure so as not to disturb any more POR than you have to. Also, it will run like a mother fucker, you very well may have to do it every half hour or so until it's cured enough to not drip/move/etc
  17. I just used metal rescue on an old three wheeler tank, it worked better than the white vinegar for me. Do keep the solution warm like they describe. But I really like the water soluble and not having to worry as much about disposal. Just my 2 cents
  18. I vote for electrolysis + POR15. The POR15 steps took me almost half a day to complete properly , but the results were excellent.

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