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S1000RR top speed/Salt flats. MCN Claims 197mph

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Avboden, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. San Jose BMW currently has an S1000 on the salt flats as we speak. Will update when I find results.

    Meanwhile, MCN has this interesting tidbit, if we can trust them (which I'm not sure we can) it's pretty damn impressive, stock, with sprocket and some tape gets to 197mph. A powercommander and exhaust should see over 200mph.

  2. I heard there was a Bandit that could go faster than that...
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  3. i bet if they got rid of all the fairings all together, it will go faster:ninja:
  4. Seriously who fucking cares? Any modern liter bike with a sprocket change can do those speeds. Old news AV, the BMW is just a bike dude. Every single time someone farts on one you make a thread about it. What are you gonna do when the new ZX10r comes out next year and blows it out of the water? Or the year after when the CBR comes out and blows that out of the water? Or when the new Ducati Superdesmoquatro makes an appearance?
  5. You know you guys could always just not read his threads right? 99% of the posts on any board are useless shit about something 99% of us dont care about so you know what the adults do??? We only click on the shit we fucking care about.
  6. Whatever. It's an ugly bike and I'm tired of hearing about it but, you know what?

    Thanks Av. Those are some interesting stats.
  7. Are_Six

    Are_Six Moderator Staff Member

    Wait a minute. If I'm reading this correctly, in a head to head test the S1000RR is only probably faster than the R1.:mfclap:

    Doubt anybody with a Desmo would put racing tape on it, and change out the sprocket, but it's 2.5mph faster stock v stock... So is the RSV4 Factory, and the factory is in the same ball park price (unlike the Desmo).
  8. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    They ain't seen noth'in YET!
  9. Win.
  10. AV, where did you get that the runs were done at the salt flats? The page you quoted makes no mention.

    I think this test was the one they hinted at in their video short.
  11. Top speed is one thing, lap times is another. The RSV4, 1198S, & F4 are all putting down consistently better lap times than the S1000RR.
  12. wazzu mille

    wazzu mille Hash Brown Boy

    You guys missed the underlying message here:

    A standard S1000RR is still slower than the standard RSV4. Sweet, it takes the 60 trillion billion duc to beat the stock ape.
  13. wazzu mille

    wazzu mille Hash Brown Boy

    The next question would be "would the same mods give the others 10mph increase as well?"
  14. What a slow Pig ! busa's did that 10 years ago.
  15. They ALL probably do almost exactly 186mph/300kph STOCK. You know why? Because they *want* them to... Many, many bikes have gone faster than that for years. Not impressed and if you are well...

    And I would guess that MCN was not on salt(are they not in Europe?) when they did their 197mph run, 197mph on pavement will be totally disappointing on salt.
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  16. MCN and the salt flat runs are completely separate. San Jose BMW are the ones running one on the salt. Apparently it rained and the salt was pretty loose so the bikes overall didn't do too well though I haven't been able to find any results yet beyond that.
  17. Did they bring a back up motor for the RSV4..:evil4:
  18. Love it crackup:
  19. LOL

    anyways, the RSV4 gets the highest top speed because it's so damn narrow, better aerodynamics, same thing in WSBK.
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