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Salem Riders: Sound off!

Discussion in 'Salem' started by beansbaxter, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Welcome to the new Salem section for the Salem area motorcycle riders.

    Easy to spread the word, goes directly into this subforum.

    Post up an introduction if you hail from the Salem area, and let's see some pictures of your bikes.
  2. CopperSV1

    CopperSV1 (Oregon) City

    Thanks Beans!

    Hello All! Welcome!


  3. Buahahahaha! Thanks for the love down in the middle valley floor! Jon here, 06 R6 is my ride... Good times are what I seek on the road! Pics to follow..
  4. WHAT UP YALL:blink: Tim, I'm a little:tard: So I decided I should ride one8) 08 KTM 690SMC:devil: Keep on truckin people!!!
  5. Well geez Beans - thanks!

    I'm Jim from Independence. Rebuilding two bikes - a '79 XL500S and a 2007 FZ1 I now call the Swamp Thing.

    This is Alcorn69 and One Track right after I hit the swamp. I'm wandering around with a mild concussion and broken wrist, whining.



    Soon. Parts arrived yesterday.

    It also doubles as a snowmobile: see my avatar.

  6. The Salem Hooligans are a good group of degenerate reprobates. We welcome all – fast or slow, young or old, man or woman. Join us and ride.

  7. Salem Hooligans !!! :mfclap::devil::mfclap::devil::mfclap: The best group of riders I've ever met ... We have an excellent group of people in the CAPITAL CITY .. :mfclap: I'm Big Jay and I look forward to meeting new folks who are interested in bikes ..8) The Salem Hooligans have a weekly standing ride that meets every wednesday at the circle K on 12th street, at 6:30pm. Most of us usually go to dinner afterwards..It's an awesome chance to get to know everyone.. I hope to see more riders who have found their place in our community here at PNWRIDERS !!:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
  8. Hey Beans, we've been needing our own Region.. I was so stoked to actually see that this had happened... My thanks to whomever had a hand in making that happen. Absolutely AWESOME !!!:mfclap::mrgreen::mfclap:
  9. Mosser here Glad to have our own area... Welcome all.

    The more the merrier as I always say...
  10. crackup:crackup:crackup:
  11. Thanx Beans for our very own slot on the site! A big hello to all! Big J and Jim...Get those damn bikes up and running. The Salem group needs to all saddle up and go for a ride. Im not talking about these little 2 hour skips across town. Im talking about rolling out on a Saturday morning at 7am. Sun rising in the east. We head towards it! Im talking about running over the hill. Terrorizing pavement in Fossil, prineville, anywhere the road leads us in that neck of the woods. Waddya say kids?
  12. Mine's running - I just parked it. Kinda awkward with this dumb splint on, but it'll still do 70 in a 35 curve.

  13. I'm Robert and l live in Rickreall. I ride a Honda Blackbird. Thanks guys!


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  14. That sounds like a jolly good time! I rode some of those roads for the first time a couple months ago and got instantly spoiled. Sooo fun with no traffic!
    Ok, back to work for me.
  15. This does sound fun...I have yet to make it that far. I have only played around bend some but would love to ride out to fossil.
  16. Hey All!!! :wave: Been out only once with some folks here and had a good time of it. Looking forward to more rides/good times with some good folks :biggrin:
    Beans!! ...Great idea with :spoton:

    Here's a pic of me (Chris) and my HS sweetheart (for the past 27 yrs!)
    Hope everybody who visits this site will come out and join all of us here at for a ride 8) (nice plug eh?!)
    05 Honda 800 Interceptor -VFR- ABS


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  17. CopperSV1

    CopperSV1 (Oregon) City

    Open a Photo bucket account. Free. Paste the Link. Done!:mfclap:
  18. CopperSV1

    CopperSV1 (Oregon) City

    Damn Koggs! Fancy Post! Go Salem!
  19. Holy crap take the key board away form you are a mission.