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SAT 10.8 - FREE Albany Riding Clinic - Doc Wong Northwest

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by QCDragon, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. SAT 10.08 - Free Albany Riding Clinic
    brought to you by Doc Wong Northwest

    This month's topic:
    Cornering Confidence - Road Surfaces and Curve Configurations 8)

    Mr. Ed's Moto
    414 Queen Ave SW, Albany, OR​
    9 am
    Cost: Absolutely FREE!!! :mfclap:

    Ride after discussion to implement what you've learned.
    see Albany Route


    DWNW Background
    What's it all about?

    Doc Wong NW is a free community skills clinic
    for 1-3 year riders, focusing on:

    • Increased awareness of current abilities and our potential to improve.
    • Small, digestible topics + practice = sharper skills.
    • Tools for adversity (greater comfort, confidence, ability)
    • Defense from the forces of Survival Reactions (Things that make average riders do bad things to good bikes.)
    • Text from Keith Code's "Twist of the Wrist"

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  2. What level is this aimed at? I see that it says from 1-3 years experiance but still...
  3. Not dismissing this at all btw, very interested, just curious
  4. The information is useful at ANY level.
    it's ALWAYS important, but IMO the faster you ride the MORE CRITICAL it becomes to be doing the right things.

    :secret: i.e. Practice makes PERMANENT so...
    Make sure you're practicing correctly!

    The post-ride is "at your own pace" (within a certain amount of reason) so you can apply the ideas to your riding level, Matt.
    I've been through levels I-III of Superbike School and I find this a GREAT way to review what's important.
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  5. +1
    EDIT: And its free!!! A ride with a purpose... what more could you want? (don't answer that)
  6. ... A ride without a purpose honestly ;)
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