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Saturday Breakfast

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by Blinky, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. The 2008
    with Car Show Presented by Corvettes de Olympia
    DATE: 5 April, 2008
    TIME: 7:00 - 11:00 AM
    LOCATION: North Thurston High School Cafeteria
    600 Sleater-Kinney Rd NE, Lacey, WA
    Price: Adults $6.00 Children: $3.00

    Scrambled Eggs
    Sausage Links
    Biscuits and Gravy
    assorted drinks

    Come on out. I am working on having motorcycle only parking so lets get enough folks to justify it.

    Good way to start a ride and it is a good cause.

    See ya there.
  2. MMM food I'm there.

  3. Thanks for posting this up. I think I'll take my girls and my folks.
  4. Great come on out. This is my first time helping out but I am sure it will be fun and good food.
    I have confirmed there will be motorcycle parking. I don't know how much because who knows about turn out but at least they will be safe parking away from the cages.
  5. man ive got to work saturday, alll day. i would love to go! stupid work! so long as someone posts some pics i wont be to sad about it :)

  6. Gees, your boss must be a real hard ass. Tell him I said a skinny guy like you needs some biscuits and gravy.
  7. yeah i havent told him but il bet he'll get a kick out of it, heck wensday we went out to menlo then got lost on some loging roads to do an unistall job, it went well, i can only hope that tommrow goes just as well....

    and yes i need lots of biscuits and gravy! im guessing well be taking plenty of food out with us :)

    just make sure you get plenty of pictures of the cars, bikes and all!

  8. Sounds like a good time...hopefully get to meet some of you there. Doesn't sound like mother nature is going to cooperate....maybe I'll bring the 'stang if its too wet for the bike.
    MMM....all you can eat pancakes....I wonder if I should pay for 2...just so I won't feel
  9. Sorry Levi, no photos, no show.

    I got them to designate the best parking in the lot for motorcycles and never saw a bike.

    Oh, well I guess I know better than to bother in the future.