Saturday Ride to Prosser - Metal Mulisha

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  1. Metal Mulisha FMX show this Saturday June 30th ... presenting Justin Homan and the MX Thirteen FMX team. Sponsored by Desert Valley Powersports.

    Show times between 12-4!

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  2. How far does the chip seal go out of Benton City on the Old Inland Empire Highway?
  3. I would have been there but I'll be at "ORP"
  4. Jim,

    I rode it last Tuesday (a week ago) and the loose stones were very nearly gone. There were probably some in the very middle of the road but essentially none in the driving lanes. I would guess that it is all clear by now, unless they do another application of oil and rock. Do they do that? Seems to me the chip seal went out beyond the bridge over that irrigation canal.

  5. I am super bummed that I can't go :(
  6. I rode OIE from Prosser to Benton City twice on Saturday (6/23). Road was fine although I was riding with a group taking it easy so I didn't really notice how the far edges of the road were.
  7. I'm going to this for sure.
  8. I'll be there. Having gone twice....there's a whole lot of this kind of stuff:


    More pics and stuff of the first one here.
  9. 'twill be a big attendance sport bike fest for sure. Plan on riding up.

    may be interested in ride mid-afternoon, leaving from Prosser, TBD.
  10. fun. lotsa bikes. Thanks to Desert Valley, Prosser.
    Hey, and I won a door prize, too.

    Before the show

    Come on, back to the saddle...

    How to avoid faceplant - hhmmm.

    Two bikes in the air, same time

    autograph seekers afterwards
  11. Hats off to the entire crew at Desert Valley Powersports for sponsoring a great show. Wow!

    The place was packed with people for all shows. They also had a 20% off sale of all equipment. We took advantage of that. It's nice to have a local dealer put on quality shows, clinics, and promotions often. Even when times are lean.
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