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Scam letter

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by shadowofself, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. I am currently selling my 08 VStar 1100 Classic and have it on Craigslist. I just received an email from someone that wants to buy it so bad at full price as long as I swear that it is in good shape, he is currently out of the country, and his "agent" can come "see" it. He will then paypal me the money when his "agent" is here to pick it up.

    I regularly get letters from Nigeria but this is a first.

    I just looked in the mirror to see if I have stupid written across my forehead. Nope not there, besides I know you would tell me if I did!

  2. I swear i'd tell you if you did

    *note to self, next time use permanent ink

  3. Sounds legitimate.
    You should probably go for it.
    Add a $1000.00 agent fee.
    If they go for it you can be sure it's not a scam.
  4. They'll overnight a check via fedex if you go along with it.
    I like having them spend money so when I got one those offers I had them overnight a check to the SIAC at the Seattle FBI office.
    The guy was kind enough to send me the tracking number too.
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  5. I put that little 66 Bridgestone 90 on C.List for $500 and I got an email within two hrs of posting. I posted at like 3am. No life, unemployed.
    Anyway. Dude said he wants it and will buy it for sure. I' like yea whatever, been there done that.
    Guy shows up, talks me down to $450, loads it up and off he goes.
    Tells me he works for a collector in Japan and his boss found it, told him to go get it.
    Never even check to see if it would run or turn over for that matter.

    So I've been a little more considerate with the odd emails. I don't delete so quickly.

    I like the ones that just say " I want to buy your IDEM" but no mention of what the idem is.:roll:

    It was cash and more than twice what I payed for it so I was very happy with the $450.:thefinge:
  6. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    I find some chicks have it tatooed across their ass.:nana
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  7. that story is the coolest of stories, bro.
  8. With a 66 Bridgestone I can see a collector wanting it, but an 08 1100 Classic not so much. I did receive another email wanting my paypal address so he could send money now. Right, besides I am not that desprite. Only selling because I bought an 07 Roadstar and can't convince my son to ride it. So 2 in the garage. Hate to see it sit in the garage. Runs great and lots of fun. I just like my Roadie, more power, more comfortable.
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