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Scooter question

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by GS1200, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Do you need plates and license for operating a 50cc Honda Ruckus in Oregon/Washington?
  2. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    In WA, you need plates, but you don't need an endorsement (but you still need a driver's license.)

    Well, maybe.
    The cutoff is 50cc, so it'd need to be 49cc officially.


  3. Ruckii are 49cc's of pure thrill. No endorsement needed.
  4. When did we start counting scooters?:scratchea

    Just kidding.
    I wave just see the look on their faces.:nana
  5. What about plates?
  6. As KevinD said, plates and drivers license required in WA state (same in ID), and of coarse no highway driving. No idea on OR laws.
  7. You still need plates, even if you don't need an endorsement.
  8. According to the local Honda dealer, the Metropoiltan (even though it's 49cc) goes faster than 30 mph and therefor is NOT considered a "moped" and thus requires an endorsement. Might be the same with the Ruckus.
  9. Ok, need plates but no endorsement, got it. I just picked this up at an auction. I'll start another thread called "Fear this" when I get to a computer. I rode it last night, looks like it will be a fun project.
  10. I've seen a Zuma 50 strapped to the rear rack of a GS1150. Just think, backup transportation for you :mfclap:
  11. Fun Fact:

    Several scooter manufacturers (including Vespa and Genuine) use the same frame for their 50 cc models as their 150 cc models. The only real difference between the two (other than the engine) is the plastic emblem slapped on the side. It's entirely possible that someone could drop a 150 cc engine in a 50 cc frame and no one at the DMV would know the difference. All they look at is the VIN on the frame.

    Why would someone want to do this? I dunno. But there is a lot of modding in the scooter community to get more performance out of a small engine.
  12. I'd call a Honda dealer (that sells Ruckus') and ask them if it is considered a scooter (endorsement required) or a moped (no endoresment needed). A quick check on the 'net shows Ruckii have a top speed of 37 (early models) and 42 on later models, which clearly makes them not a moped. This info could save you and others some hassle if you are planning on letting non-endorsed riders ride your Ruckus.

    What did you end up buying it for? If you don't mind me asking.
  13. Still need a regular license and plates, just no endorsement for 49cc scooters. This applies to both WA and OR.
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