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screw in tire, what should I do?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Bondy3, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. hey everyone, when I got to work today there was a screw in my rear tire,

    it doesnt appear that it is leaking air, and the tire is holding pressure, but im not sure what I should do. do I pull it out? leave it in? I don't want to have to deal with a flat... but this is a new tire (90%+ treat left)

    what should I do?

    EDIT: im in KENT right now, about 25 blocks SW from RMC


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  2. You owe me $0.57 for my screw. Also, I'd like it back now.
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  3. ill round that up to $1 if you replace my rear tire.... but seriously what should I do?
  4. Don't pull it out. Bite the bullet and put a new tire on. Just had to replace
    the rear tire on my gixxer thanks to a nail. In my opinion a plug is just
    a temp fix in a sportbike tire.
  5. call around and find a shop that will plug it.

    when that fails, understand why.

    then replace it, or plug it yourself.

    or call faron/gixxertek, who (I think) will plug it.
  6. Take it in and get it patched/plugged from the inside and rebalanced. You should be able to get more miles out of it.
  7. looks like it almost hasn't been ridden on yet. Is there a chance it's the world's shortest screw and hasn't gone thru? Nah.

    I'd unscrew it and if it leaks (v. probable) put in a gummy worm plug
    from the auto parts store.

    You'll have a ride able bike; then decide what you're going to do.
    The interior patches are v. good, imo.
  8. Get a drill and screw that shit in all the way, flush mount ftw!
  9. its been ridden.......... over a hundred miles,

    you know any place in KENT that would do that?
  10. Take your car to the auto parts store and buy a tire plug kit. If you don't have anything to re-inflate the tire, get a small hand pump or bike pump. Pull the screw, plug the tire, re-inflate.

    Some people drive with plugs in for the remainder of the tire life. I like to ride hard, so i always replace the tire immediately as a precaution. I haven't found a shop that is willing to do an interior patch yet unfortunately due to liability.

    DONT RIDE IT WITH THE SCREW IN IT. There is a good chance it could come out and then you will be stuck on the side of the road or worse instead of at your house.

    You will be happy you have a plug kit for longer rides in the future anyways!


  11. Been there, done that.

    Buy a plug kit at your local auto store, it's something you should carry with you at all times anyway.

    Plug it and you'll be fine, even at semi retarded speeds.

    Do a proper job and the plug will last as long as you have the tire.
  12. ok Ill see if I can get a tire plug kit
  13. Ok first of you shouldn't be screwing with out protection. So wiith that said I hope you were ATGATT!
    With that said. Plug it and ride .. I have two plugs in mine annd I have 5000 miles on the plugs. Just be careful and keep an eye on your psi for the first three weeks and that's a daily rider I comute 100miles a day
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  14. Ouch! Are these the 2ct's?

    Bite the bullet and replace the tire. I think Cyclebarn offers a replacement tire warranty which includes nail/screw puncture.
  15. I've been dealing with the same problem. Lost two of the cheaper black plugs. Look for the red/orange/brown colored ones, they're a lot thicker and seem to hold better. You're getting great mileage out of that screw if its got a 100 miles on it. :) Good luck.
  16. since everyone told me not to ride with a screw sticking out of the tire, I pulled it out,

    Its now FLAT....
  17. yeah, its a brand new 2CT.... not counting the 2 days ive ridden it
  18. You are so bright it fucking amazes me. Did it cross your mind to wait until you had plugs and pump in hand before pulling said screw out???? You already answered this obviously.
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  19. They meant you pull it out when you're PATCH-ing it.

    Bondy is legend.

    Ouch, that sucks. At least you were able to do the skills day on them.
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  20. it did, but I walked down to crazyhorse and the guy there told me to just pull it out, I guess i just blindly listened because he works with motorcycles all day
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