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Seattle Used Bikes now offers motorcycle service!

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Dave R, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Seattle Used Bikes welcomes Bardsley Donovan on board in service! Bardsley brings a broad depth of knowledge in Ducati, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, MV and all the Japanese brands as well.

    Have you been trying to take advantage of the nice weather and putting off your maintenance? Give SUB a call and let us get you back on track and ready for the winter. We are conveniently located right on 49th &
    Aurora! We can get you right in and out with little to no wait! Interested in watching while we take care of your motorcycle? Let us know and we will be happy to accommodate!

    Seattle Used Bikes welcomes all major brands of bikes in for service, give us a shout and let’s see if we can help. Scooter service also available modern or vintage..(no Chinese scooters accepted)

    Shop rate: $75.00
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  2. Your disclaimer is funny crackup:

  3. Our new tire machine arrived yesterday! All set up and ready to go : ) Is it time for some fresh treads? Give us a shout!!

  4. What's the rate for on/off changes?
  5. We just signed up today as a "preferred tire installer" with motorcycle-superstore and this is what we posted;

    Street Tire Mount/Balance
    Shop Removes & Re-installs Wheel
    Front $56.25
    Rear $93.75
    Set $150.00

    Customer Brings in Wheel
    Front $37.50
    Rear $37.50
    Set $75.00

    Tire disposal Fee $8.00
  6. Dave could you give me a price on Bardley changing the belts on my 2008 hypermotard 1100s i will buy the belts CAcycleworks has them for half what the dealership charges thanks in advance you can pm me if you wish Mark
  7. Hi Mark, give us a shout next Thurs (27th) and be exact.. I believe its like 1-1.25hr tops.. We are a dealer for CA-Cycleworks as well and can sell them to you for same price (I think they're $43ish each). We are just starting to stock them as well.
  8. Thanks for your quick response Dave i would be fine buying the belts from you. Does Bardley use the "tuning" method or the 5mil allen wrench method when he does the tensioning? Just curious..thanks again, Mark
  9. He uses both depending on age of bike, we welcome you to come hang out and watch while he's working on your bike. We purchased a technoresearch Socio 390 so we can talk to all brands of motorcycles, clear codes, reset TPS, shut off service lights, clone keys, etc..
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  10. Ok, look forward to meeting ya'll...!!
  11. Hang on, you can clone keys? I'll be coming by this week to make spares!
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