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seeking male rider of silver sportbike in Burien...

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by symskyfly, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. I see you some mornings heading north from Burien on 509/99. You wear a yellow jacket. I turn to check you out whenever I see you. And I think you turned to look back once or twice. I'm usually driving my black silver Saturn. I would like to meet you... maybe go for a ride sometime? I ride a yellow '04 SV650S.

    ?? :love3: ??
  2. Do we have a love connection? :love10: :smurf: :smurfin: :love3:

    I know I do for some of my male riders! Now, where's that :leghump icon...? :mrgreen:

  3. well, ya never know! just thought i'd give it a try! hehe
  4. Buy a couple of Washington Rider decals for your car & bike. Maybe he'll be able to use the forum to post an "I saw you!!" too. Cheers & good luck. ;)
  5. monica

    monica SV Baby

    I will keep my eyes open for your connection....if I see him I will give the PNW plug....what kinda bike is he riding?
  6. I have a silver sport bike crackup: . Lets see some pics of you first though :lol: j/k it wasn't me but I hope you find your man
  7. I think a Honda CBR, but not sure.
  8. Djoplin

    Djoplin Investigates Alternative Destinations

    MIght be one of the guys here at work. I think he's on a Ninja. I ride an R1 but avoid wearing that damn bright yellow jacket. Usually on 599/99 around 7:20 am northbound and 4:40 pm Southbound.
  9. RVFR

    RVFR Pilot in Command

    ooo this thread just might be interesting to watch. You go girl
  10. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    Rides a Ninja....wait it isn't this guy is it?

  11. We've always talked about starting up a Washington Riders Singles/Dating service, but that idea has still been sitting on the burner... :fallinga:
  12. this is just too cute.. lol
  13. wow, so this off topic, but at times i miss burien...mainly B.I.R.

    but good luck makin that connection
  14. be careful what you wish for...
  15. the love boat!:love3: bow chika bow bow:rr: :hug: :cloud9: :tiphat:
  16. Well I dont know about this other guy but...I like long walks on the beach and sitting by the just joking..hope you find your man.
  17. crackup: crackup: Just like the calendar?

    Wouldn't the calendar help the guys know what we look like?
  18. Kolat

    Kolat emw2k9 beer pong champions

  19. Do you do anything other than look at him to get his attention? Heck girl if you can post this up on here, you can have the guts to flag him down or something to get his attention. Hope you see him again.

    Think he'd be embarrassed to have a whole thread devoted to him? :hb:
  20. It's a good thing I didn't hold my breathe!:angry7:
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