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Seems stolen, what to do?

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by Murdercycle, Oct 28, 2012.


    clean looking 2007 450exc for $1500

    one of those, too good to be true deals...with no title.

    I dont have time to meet guy, get vin and maybe call cops?? do cops care?

    May not be stolen either....Great deal in that case, and i really do want an exc engine (BEST year for it) and dirt setup for my SMR and the large tank, and skid plate* do you tell?

    does no title = no right to sell the thing, or are the rules different with offroad bikes.

    *note, still dont have enough time to go pick it up no matter how much i want that farkle. just made the point that the parts are super valuable without the frame.
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  2. I would totally get the VIN and ask the police to run it to make sure its not stolen. That is too good of a deal to be true...

  3. Ya seems like a win win for anyone who was interested, if stolen: UBER good deed status for reporting it, if not stolen: GREAT Deal!

    ....maybe i think about things in a weird way
  4. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed


    The last thing you need is to buy stolen property.

  5. Last thing i would want ANYONE to do is support a thief, to prompt some scumbags actions.

    Plus if someone lost that bike, they deserve the right to rip open that thief's stomach and mash coarse road salts in there...or atleast know he got arrested and get their bike returned
  6. KillermondoDude

    KillermondoDude Intellectually Sphinctered

    Bring a gun with you Steal it back then you got a 450 for FREE
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  7. FireDave

    FireDave Banned Camp

    Go look at it, with a couple buddies. Take a close-up pic of the VIN on the frame, then act like you're texting it to somebody . . . see what happens. It could get interesting.
  8. +1 do that.

    the ad's been deleted by its author :angry7: maybe he wrote the wrong price or sumfin
  9. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    why would you want an exc motor for your smr?
  10. This is not in the "off road" category (in WA at least). The EXC is a fully street legal machine from the factory. You should purchase one with the same mindset you would any other street legal bike. I would want to see the registration and see if the seller is the registered owner.
  11. ad got deleted? maybe he sold it, but i saw the ad up a week earlier....

    less power up top (less likely to spread crank, bearings last longer), lighting stator, ss valves, wider ratios. I want to put it on the street and the exc motor is way better than the sx for that. But like i said, i have no time to buy even the best deal. plus ultimately i want a 690smc.
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  12. Negative. not all EXC's came fully street legal. mine sure didn't. 05 model. There was a point when they came with turn signals, ignition keys, mirrors, DOT required stuff, etc......but i DO believe the 2007 model started coming with the street legal trim.......
  13. for those that missed it

    ktm 2007 450 exc - $1500
    Date: 2012-10-28, 10:47AM PDT [Errors when replying to ads?]
    Call bill at 503-757-3100 no title


    btw my 03 525exc was not street legal
  14. Should have specified the year sorry. This particular bike should have had a plate from the factory. My 2007 did.

    Either way OP did you get it?

  15. No, i wasnt ever planning on looking at it. although i wish i had the time. just thought id post it up here in case anyone was interested in doing some detective work...
  16. Depending on the mileage/hours, that could be an appropriate price. The RFS engine is one of the most durable dirt bike engines made. However, if it's due for a rebuild............they are not cheap to do. For example, a new crank (btw, the beefiest dirt bike crank i have ever seen), figure about 700 bucks. a new slug and cylinder? another 700 bucks. the intake valves get pretty worn too, figure another 3-500 for a head rebuild. so theoretically, it could run you another 1500-2000 for a rebuild. NOT cheap stuff. So if it had more than 400 hours on might be looking at the right value.

    Mine ran perfectly fine with 430 hours of dirt only riding on it. it burned a little oil, but started fine, and ran well. it was missing a little power up top, but still very rideable. i rebuilt it top to bottom, and all that power is back, i love that bike.