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Sept 2nd potluck BBQ

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by RickyBobby69, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Okay. So we have ironed out some details. We will start the potluck at our house at 530-600pm on Sunday September 2, 2012. It is going to be a cookout plus B.Y.O.B. Please bring some kind of dish. We understand that the weather is predicted to be super nice so we do not expect casserole dishes (those are hard to carry on a motorcycle). But this is something that we plan to do occasionally. We are trying to get a head count to predict how much food to buy. And possibly thinking about buying a keg of Bud Light. Please post on this thread whether or not you plan to attend. That way we can purchase enough food. There is a gas station less that 200ft if Bud Light does not appease you. Any questions...feel free to text or call myself or Tiff. Our numbers are on our profiles. Thanks everyone. This should be EPIC!!!!!!!!

    :hitit: :secret: :nana: :stir:
  2. Tiff


    in...but only because I live here... secretly ihateyourface ;)

  3. Would love to make it but I work till 6pm, then have to be at work at 6am. So not really planning on making it. Wish I could though!
  4. Our place is located right off exit 114 (Nisqually ) and 2 blocks off the exit. So it's really easy to find
  5. I may be in and may have 2 other riders with me:) plus its my birthday weekend! ill be 18 bacon:

    ok jk I will be older:(
  6. Looking forward to meeting up with all 3i of you. Pm me for address!
  7. Ok....that's shelbyguy. Plus myself and tiff. We can do better than 6ppl. We still have a week from today though. I wanna see the whole motorcycle community in the area fill that yard and driveway with motorcycles!!!
  8. Ok...that's 7. See you there me for address!!
  9. sounds cool, I'll try to come. Maybe even make a pie; although I can not guarantee structural integrity on the way over.
  10. No issues with structure from the south. It still eats the same. Looking forward to meeting ya. That makes 8 ppl now
  11. maybe if Matt(CBRider) talks me into it I'll roll in with him. I'm working on my car next weekend so hopefully I finish in time. Thats my only priority.
  12. You cant drive a car to something you are invited to on a motorcycle forum. Lol. Come on through ski. Pm me for address!!
  13. oh no. I wasnt saying I was gonan come in the car. Its just something I need to get done and the only thing I have to get done on the 4 day weekend. Having a throw out bearing nearly gone sucks on a sports type car lol
  14. Call in sick.
  15. I agree. This will be worth taking a sick day
  16. lol Sadly I went and did the whole military thing, so calling in sick would involve sitting in a hospital for 4-5 hours to get a sick slip, and fucking someone over because my section is way too undermaned.

    Granted, I may try and throw something together like this down the road depending how well it goes for Rick and Tiff.
  17. Im military as well. They pegged ya for Cq / Staff duty sunday huh