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Seriously Folks..............

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by Arnbo, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. I need to ride and Amy is ready to bring the bikes home
    But on my way to town yesterday I counted 9 cars off the road
    This is March, Right? oh well its gotta be close. Time change is Sunday
    I need a Flyer burger and a IPA
  2. I'm itching for a moto.

    Just been too busy, + crummy weather lately.

    But, it's just around the corner...


  3. I'm riding tomorrow..........

    PLAY TIME :mfclap:
  4. I just put my tinted visor back on....spring is here!
  5. We're riding tomorrow, too :mfclap: Looks like it'll be the last nice day for a bit. Thank God I'm on vacation so I can enjoy it!
  6. I got rid of my bikes...and wont be riding anymore this year.....
  7. crackup:nopity:crackup:
  8. West sold the 14? Did the economy get you too?
  9. I have already been riding don't be such a wussy. Get out and ride!
  10. Let's see ...If I had a new BMW rocket I would probably be out too!!!
    I am a Wussy this year though ....Putting work before riding,whats wrong with me? HELP!!!!!!!
    looking forward to 112 and ripping with Coastie Pete!!
  11. I'm out until at least mid to end of May, meh oh well it's too cold for me anyway.
  12. what????
  13. Flyer's sounds nice. Lets ride!! Just not this weekend, taking my daughter snowmobiling.
  14. you are a NUT!dontfeedt:
  15. In!!!! Been riding a bit. ready for it to warm up though.
    Oh and back the F up. West. Bikes.? WHAT!?!?:scratchea
  16. Its was 70+ degrees here in Sacramento today, and my bike is almost 800 miles away.
  17. West is trying to :stir: The man eats,breathes and lives bikes....
  18. I ate a bike once... ughhh... :pottytra:
  19. that is not 100% true...I eat roads after playing chicken with Bambi.....and breathing after said bambi adventures isnt to easy with briken rib....

    now then...when is this said ride going to happen?...I need to get my bicycle ready to roll, since I no longer have A motorcycle...
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