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Shed Find: Harley

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by CBRSkidrow, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. So, my parents are moving some of the things they have stored away to a newly built barn on their property and the many small "sheds" that are scattered around the 10 or so acres of property are being torn down.

    Apparently, my father. Who was a Harley Mechanic for some years picked this 1994 Sportster and had tons of brand new, in box items to put on it but never did. So, I took it and all the boxes of goodies.

    Saddly, it sat in this pump house the better part of the last decade and the chrome is almost entirely shot. The straight / baffled set of pipes are all but lost their finish and color.

    Good news.. it fires right up with a bit of fresh gas and a jump. Let the fun begin!

    There are seriously more boxes of parts and mechanical / cosmetic / extra seats / handle bars etc than I know what to do for this bike.

  2. Was the dog in with all the parts as well? Great find.


  3. Clean off all the rust and paint it all black! Great find, will be a cool project.
  4. Wait let me get this straight. You found that cute little dog in a shed on your property? Awesome!!!Can you get those boxes of shit and the bike out of the way and take more pics of the doggie. Please.

    Im just kidding mang. That is a sweet find. Did you know there was a sporty in the shed?
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  5. [​IMG]

    There, that's one of four.

    As for knowing it was there, I knew about his Soft Tail and Goldwing but not the Sportster which is odd since it was last tab'd in 07'
  6. On a side note, we have a lot of dogs because the wife and I foster animals until they find a permanent home.

    Corgi / Shepard mix... best guess I have

    Catahoula Leapord

    Up for adoption, so if you need a dog these 4 month olds need a home!
  7. Thanks for the pics. And for your help with the dogs. I work for an animal rescue too. I have had my foster now for over a year. Here is a pic of my pack.

    Congrats on the bike find. Im jealous
  8. :ROTFLMAO::mfclap:
  9. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    Very cool find!

    I like the Street Tracker idea!
  10. Nice dogs and nice bike... now back to the dogs .. i just rescued an alaskian malamute he 5 months old and is such a ham... i got him from way east middle of no where.. took him for his first long walk today and omg the look on peoples faces when they walk past suck a big dog .. lol he howled and i told him no bad puppy .. lol the people stoped and said ..omg thats a puppy ..lolololololol the look on their faces was pricless
  11. Potential for a cool project. Nice!

    Obviously you can't fixed damaged chrome but don't give up on somethings. You can still make it look way better with some Bar Keepers Friend.

  12. Andy - is that the nme of the product? "Bar keepers friend" looks like it does pretty descent job. If I can save pieces from a hard sanding and black out. That would be nice. Pulling mostof the chrome off toay.
  13. pjd

    pjd Moderator Staff Member

    Even a free Harley is still a Harley.

    Just kidding - be sure to post project pictures.

    Now, more about dogs. Pit bull foster Pop, here. :mrgreen:
  14. fuck yeah! Hittin' that age where I'm starting to like Harleys, and that'd be a killer "project"

    oh yeah, pit in the house here too:thumblef:
  15. Cool find! Dog-gonnit..... :-o
  16. [​IMG]

    Pulled off the valve cover and found a slightly scarred bushing on #1 exhaust cam and the price for a pack is not pretty. Was not lined up when the cams came out and not in 5th gear ( Read after the fact that I did it.. )

    So, tomorrow she goes to the local shop to get a once over and hopefully cheaply home soon.

    So far, new grips some electrical replacement and gas / oil. Re painting tank / fenders and polishing up the salvageable chrome. A lot of the chrome was flaking off and looked horrible. Plugs were looking a bit fouled, those are replaced and should be running and tabbed by next week if all goes well.

    Almost ready to install a new front break kit, reservoir / disc /brake line. Having difficulty with the actual caliper, fear it may be for a different model.
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