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She's got a ticket to ride!

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by R6Roller, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Yesterday was quite something. My wife, Brianne, and I have been talking about getting her first bike for some time now. Being a beginner I wanted to get her something reliable and affordable but I never expected to bring this little puppy home. The previous owner of the last 15 years was on the brink of tears letting her go, as I tied her down to the bed of my pickup. I felt really bad for the old guy and assured him she was going to a humble and happy home and would be well looked after.

    I present to you a classic 1975 Honda Cb400F Supersport.

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  2. Wow! What a gorgeous bike! Nice find, that'll do the job wonderfully

  3. Sweet bike!!!!! I would love to find one just like that.

    Does that mean you AND your wife will be coming to bike night tomorrow?
  4. Soon buddy, she' needs her permit/ endorsement jazz first.
  5. very nice the pipe on it....
  6. "Gorgeous", coincidentally the bikes new name.

    Thank you Sir, I will be looking for the runs in the frame paint.

    Insane, right!? Tempted to do something with it, but it's SOOOOO nice stock. I might just have to find another one to modify.
  7. sweet!:mfclap:
    great looking bike!!
  8. Wow, that is clean!@ Great find!
  9. very nice ! the bike is pretty cool too !
  10. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    Congrats what a great find
  11. I have one exactly like it, right down to the identical tank dent. :smile:

    That bike looks nicely sorted out, but if you have any questions (or need to borrow a high quality Carbtune carb balancer) lemme know.
  12. That rocks! Those carbs will need some TLC to stay in sync but excellent find.
  13. A kick start! ... Bravo! ... For her first ride. That is the way it's done. Good for her.
  14. word!
  15. PLEASE - don't mess with the pipes!!
    THIS is one of my favorite bikes!!
    here is a shot of an almost TOO clean SS at a Backfire Moto a year and a half ago...

    The whole bike seemed to be chromed - and it was all very pretty!!
    Almost too pretty...

    Great find and enjoy it...

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