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Shifting Question - for a friend

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by dizzle, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    I have a friend that went on a really long ride the other day. He was coming around a huge sweeper and was pulling triple digits. He said that in one corner he was completely pinned at redline on his motorcycle as he was dipping into the Apex. Per Keith Code's Twist of the Wrist 2, you should always be on the throttle through the entire corner allowing yourself to accelerate out of the corner to create a higher exit speed.

    My friend said that he was too scared to shift into the next gear as he was going into the turn because he was at a lean angle too deep for him to comfortably shift into the next gear.

    To avoid this in the future, should he be in the next gear up with the room to accelerate through the corner with ease, or should he have shifted at his lean angle and speed?

    Please keep the following comment to yourself: "He should have been on the track if he's going that fast"

    He's done a track day or two and was just out enjoying a scenic ride on some fun roads.
  2. Ahh, he's an "expert" then. Since you don't want the obvious answer, how about "slow down, dumbass"? I don't care at all if your pal dies but it will piss me off if he takes someone with him. Sounds like a question a serious retard would ask. Not that your friend is a serious retard, understand.
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  3. Re-read ToTW2

    .......edit - have your "friend" re-read it
  4. Be in the right gear to start with. Problem solved.
  5. If that was true, you...errr he wouldn't need to ask this question.
  6. He should have been on the track if he's going that fast.

    :thefinge: :nana :thefinge:

    ( up one and TITTT )
  7. Do tracks have corners where you could hit triple digits on corners?
  8. If your friend was "too scared" at any point during his cornering adventure, he was in over his head. It is abundantly clear that your friend needs to slow down and practice his skills at a comfortable pace.

  9. I think if your friend was redlining in a corner above 100 mph, at a deep lean and scared, the last thing he needed was another gear. He was taking the bike beyond his skill level.
  10. Yeah, easily. Turn 1 on PR is a 100+ MPH corner, same with Turn 1 at the Ridge.
  11. bolth of these are the right answer IMO. i also agree as i am a aggressive street rider but i also respect the track. but as a fellow street rider. yes he needs to slow down and learn how to smoothly grab a gear while in a turn with out loosing any power. it takes a super smooth shift.
  12. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    I never said my friend was scared of hitting that corner at that speed, he was too scared to shift into the next gear mid-corner.
  13. So was he redlining before the entrance? Or Accelerating to the apex? Throttle maintenance.
  14. FireDave

    FireDave Banned Camp

    Your disclaimer against such comments notwithstanding:

    I'll repeat the previous good advice, maybe repetition will help it sink in . . .

    Pegged at redline at the apex on a public road? Too scared to shift?

    This problem will dramatically solve itself in very short order unless your 'friend' wises up and learns how to ride on the street.

    If you're ever 'scared' to operate your bike, any part of your bike . . . . slow the fuck down or permanently park it.
  15. Quickshifter + gp shift! Minimal front tire loading and hardly upsets the chassis..

    But as for the question; if he's at a deep lean angle, any kind of weight shift towards the front is dangerous. I would have tried to get in the correct gear for the corner.
  16. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Up a gear for the corner next time. Shifting at a lean angle like that as has been mentioned is not a great idea IMO.
  17. I shouldn't say anything, but I see a pattern here.:scratchea

    I "hope" I don't have to read soon that your "friend" has thrown his bike into the weeds along with what very well could be his life.

  18. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    break BEFORE the turn....silly question/situation
  19. +1 on the quick shifter and gp shift. Up shifts are so much easier when leaned over. Ideally you would change your gearing to avoid a shift while fully leaned over. Some times that isn't possible though.

    There is a series of corners at the track I frequented in TX that are basically one big corner with multiple apex points to hit. I would always start in second and be at redline right after the second apex. If you had time to straighten the bike out and shift, you were going too slow.

    If you know it is coming and you'll have to do it, put your foot in position to shift before you get into the corner. That will minimize any weight transfer that would unsettle the suspension.
  20. T9 WSMC "Fastest Corner in the West"
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