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Shinko 011 Verge Review.

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Omnivore, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. This will be a bit ongoing as they are new.

    The Shinko Verge Tires are replacing Dunlop Q2's on my 2001 Katana 750
    I'm going on a 1500 mile trip this week and didn't want to half wear out a new set of Q2's for a sport touring camping trip

    Last week I replaced my rear worn out, but not bald, Q2. I had 3200 miles on the Q2's.

    Like any new tire I didn't press it or anything. To be honest for driving around the countryside, I really didn't notice any difference between the Verge and Q2. Again, I didn't push it at all, but I did lean into a few good curves after about 20 minutes or so of driving. I really couldnt have been more happy about the rear so far. No slipping or sliding like my old stock Dunlop's, they were awful.

    I got my Front Verge tire in the mail on Monday, and had it installed today. 1st thing I noticed was it's odd shape. Sort of like the top skinny side of an egg. Its like they wanted to build up the center a bit so it would last longer or something. No biggy, it seems fine.

    I put it on today and holy crap!! Weirdest damn tire I've ever rode on. (I've been riding for over 40 years) So you drive straight ok, but the slightest lean one way or the other and it just feels like it dives into the turn. Very bizzare. I typically drive very loose, but this made me tense as hell, mostly because it was just different. I never thought I was going to crash or anything or lose control, it was just an odd sensation. It took me a good half hour drive to relax a bit. Towards the end of my ride it was still odd but not as strange. (if that makes sense) definately a harder compound than the Q2 as well on the front, and as I said the rear I really couldn't tell much.

    So we'll see how these do in the long run The test run is from Salem up to Estacada to meet up with 4 others, then down 224 to detroit lake over to Bend then 24 to 7 to Phillips lake, then next day to Hells Canyon park by Lewiston, then to Rimrock lake Wa and back to Salem. Looks like a great weekend for the trip.
  2. I have that same tire on the front of my Black Bike. I have a 006 podium on the rear.
    I was hard to find a set of 18"s.
    For me, so far so good. My Black Bike is so funky it's kinda hard to tell if something is off anyway. All I can say is the rear hooks! I don't push it hard in the corners because...well look at wouldn't either. But you can hit it hard and rear just sticks.

    My 2C.

  3. I'm sure I'll get used to the front, the initial sensation on a turn was and still is a bit odd. Also I should add I went from a 120\60 to a 120\70 as the 60 was a bit small on the profile which will also change things a bit. My front lower fairing would scrape on some speed bumps and business entries with the 120\60. 70 is stock. The 70 lifted the nose up about an 1/2 inch. I could feel it in my lack of flat foot on both sides. Close but my heels up a touch off the ground now.
  4. I've used a stack of Shinko Verge 011 tires. I like 'em.

    Depending on how hard I rode, I got 5K to 6K out of a rear tire. They always hooked up in nice weather and worked well in the rain and cold.

    The front tire steers like a knife; it's something you get used to and learn to enjoy. The only down side to the Verge tires, at all, is that the fronts wear out faster than the rears. That kinda wrecks the economy of using them. But they are great tires and always worked great for me.

    Bear in mind that I ride on some very abrasive chip seal roads with lots of twisties, so I go through tires very fast. The longest lasting tire I've used is a Michelin Pilot Road 2; it went 6800 miles before it died. Sport tires are totally out of the question for me.

    I've put on a set of Bridgestone BT-023's recently, just to try something different that might give better mileage. Time will tell if I go back to Shinko's.
  5. OK after a 1500 mile week I'm kinda liking it. As Rock Dodger just mention you get used to the turning "dive". We went over roads from perfect smooth twisty to 9 inch deep forest road potholes. The tires were flawless. I had a lot of fun pushing them fully loaded up with camp gear. Drove all day in high heat and up in the Mnts near St Helens, the tires were great.

    Super deal for the price. The only thing I have not hit is rain...That will be here soon enough.
  6. Omnivore. That avatar is really funny and very creepy and the same time, awesome!!
    Makes me laugh every time I see it!!

    P.S. Thanks for the update.
  7. I get frustrated in front of the computer some times :mrgreen:

    Here is his semi original version [​IMG]
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  8. So....I guess my review is done. I sold my bike!!

    SO rain aside (because they never saw rain), they really were a great tire. No performance issues at all. Good grip. The front had an odd shape which made it lean into turns quickly, but I got used to that after an hour of riding. They toured really well with a heavy load. I really didn't expect much so I guess you could say they exceeded my expectations. I would buy these again for my sport touring bike, and as I said I did not have a chance to ride them in the rain, so keep that in mind.
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